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I know I'm probably going to come off as picky, but lately I've been craving really specific types of role play.

I'm mainly looking for darker themes. Violence and gore, horror, betrayal, drama, and most importantly: a heavy plot. Not needless drama though idk. I'm not picky about setting or time frame or amount of fantasy. I'm really just interested in those aspects of role play. I've tried playing slightly more casual scenes lately and it's very hard to stay consumed. The darker themes are somehow therapeutic for me! And right now I need that. C:.

I'm alright with having a DnD campaign style role play, or we could do a more realistic, modern one. Or post apocalyptic - like I said, I don't really care haha. I have characters for any setting.

My big requirements are paragraphs, good use of punctuation and grammar. Spelling, too, but it isn't so bad if you misspell things. I do haha. Probably a lot right now since I'm on mobile. I also hate hate hate god modding. Or twinking. Or whatever you wanna call it haha... I dunno why, it just bugs me so badly. So sometimes I like to use dice if that's alright!

Anyway, message me and maybe we could work something out? I'm not good at running plots all too much but I'd like to brainstorm unless you already have an idea. C:

Thanks again and sorry once more for any errors!

Well, I have no specific plot ideas at the moment, but most of my characters could work well in dark/heavy stuff. Some of those I think might work best are:

Elodar - A quiet, solitary elf who hasn't really had a chance to get any development yet.

Loki - A halfdemon who ran away because he's just too nice.

Lucas - He was actually originally created for an X-men thing. Not played with him much though.

Raven and Shade - A mute run-away slave and her bird friend.

Taryn - A personal tormentor.

Chaser - A mess genre-wise, but she deals with the dark underbelly of things.

There's also this kid that I never got to do much with, and have been meaning to rework into something more broadly usable, because I really don't want to just abandon him.

Those are the ones I think I would fall in most naturally, but pretty much any of my characters can be worked into darker stuff if someone else catches your eye.

If you PM me we could work something out! ^^

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Forums > Looking for RP > Looking for some stuff!