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It's about time I drop a line here, isn't it?

Hello all! :)
I'm generally known as Ethelle in those corners of the internet I visit regularly. My favourite passtimes are drawing, roleplaying and writing, and if I could divide all of my time between those three, I definitely would. Alas, there are other obligations in life, although I have been as 'lucky' to have been ill for the past year and a half, giving me lots of time to devote to my hobbies. XD

I'm not a native speaker, but I like to think my English is decent enough. I like many forms of RP, although I prefer the normal 3rd person, past tense style. I'm perfectly okay with both 1-2 paragraphs as well as elaborate +3-paragraphs-and-far-beyond posts, depending of course on the type and speed of the roleplay. I like forum RPs and RPs through e-mail. I'm very patient and would rather receive one well-written, well-thought-out post per day, than having to hurry up and post many small posts within half an hour on a busy forum. I have occasionally RPed on Furcadia, although I haven't really found a nice, comfortable place to call home there yet, and because I type slower than native speakers, I'm hesitant to join RPs, not wanting to keep others waiting. I'm also part of a MSN roleplay group, in which RPing is quick (and somewhat chaotic due to a rather large number of members) and mostly aimed at fun rather than high-quality posts.

Most of my characters that are hosted on this site are from the Elder Scrolls canon, because that is what I am mostly busy with at the moment. I have plenty of characters who do not belong to a canon, however, and I also occasionally convert one of my ES characters to suit whatever a specific roleplay might require. I mostly stick to medieval fantasy, but I also love sci-fi (preferably Space Westerns/Colonization), historic and modern fantasy. My character Haakon for example is written so that he can be used in modern as well as historic settings (as long as it doesn't go back further than about 840 AD). Hm... also, all of my characters here are Elves, or half-Elf in one case. I can assure you that I am fully capable of playing other races, too, and that this is purely a coincidence. XD

Let me conclude by saying that I absolutely love this site. I made an account here when Kim announced a character contest for the opening of the RPR. I have never before used a similar site to host my character sheets, because I never found one that looked appealing enough, but... RPR is perfectly suited to all my needs, and it still keeps getting better. :D

Three cheers for the RPR and Kim!





Why hello Ethelle! Have we met? This "MSN roleplay group" sounds somewhat familiar... :P

:O :O :O

That is quite the amazing endorsement! Thanks so much, brightened my day. :D

It's great to see you out and about on the forums. Since you're a fan of forum RP, maybe you'll even manage to strike up some RP around hereabouts that you enjoy.

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Forums > Introductions > Greetings all