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Emily licked her claws. The taste of this girls sweet, rich blood made her want more " because i want your blood " She said pushing the girl back to the ground and clawing her badly

Kuro dudged every attack the girl made at her and got out from under her. "I don't think my blood would be very appelaing."

Emily turned to her " To me it is as rich as chocolate. You have very good blood for a vampire " Her fangs flashed

Kuro shook her head. "Half human, half animal blood is deilcious to you?" Kuro knew her blood was nothing special just that it made who she was.

Emily smiled " Anybody blood is " She said running at her and knocking him down

Kuro moved out of the way before the girl could knock her down. "Don't unestaim me, ignorant one." Kuro's voice was light and sounded like it belonged to an insane person. That meant she was pushed to far and has gone off the deep end. She ran past the girl a cut open one of her legs with her dagger. She hid in the shadows and licked the knife with an evil glint in her eyes.

Emily laughed and then her cut closed up. She smiled " Come on! "

Kuro titled her head to one side and an evil wide grin came to her face. She grabbed the girl from the arm and twisted it to her back. "You truely want to die, don't you?" She dug her dagger into the girls arm letting it bleed and not heal with the blade of her dagger still in the girl's flesh.

Emily yelled in pain and looked " Not really truely " She said looking at the girl. She had to do it but it was dumb. She backflipped but the dagger cut through her lower arms flesh. It was easy to heal it because the dagger was gone

Kuro smriked and licked the knife. "You know, if you didn't want to die, then you would have staied away from me."

Emily growled " I live for the chase " She roared

Kuro laughed insanly. "Then let this be the day you relize that the chase is not always worth the risk."

Emily smiled " I like to have a fight like you "

Kuro smriked. "This would be better if I hadn't lost my senses." Kuro charged at the girl and cut half her arm off.

Emily roared in pain and jumped into a tree. She hid as her arm restored itself

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Forums > Fantasy Roleplay Forum > Little Sanity (Open)