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ive been really ill and having a lot of issues with my nerves on the left side of my body. Streaming helps me focus on drawing instead of clicking away constantly. So come join me !


Hey ya’ll! I’m doing the art thing, come chat me up!

Livestreaming drawing! Feel free to join me and chat!

This is what I finished last time!

Drawing to make myself feel better! Feel free to come talk to me.

Results from the stream today. Because Rynh demanded it


OP delivers

Damn right op delivers. Gonna do an art trade! Come join my livestream!

Come chat with me, I’m going to attempt to remember how to animate XD

Hey ya'll gonna do some live streaming! Check it out and come chat!

Livestreaming again, hoping to finish this!


Gonna do some live streams herpa derp.

Gonna do some drawing!

Did this last time on stream!

Gonna color some old drawings since I suck apparently at drawing today I managed to draw something I'm willing to show the world. So I'll try and finish it. I am livestreaming again for those who missed the first one!

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Forums > Art & Creativity > Live Stream off