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On day Gibriel was a school and he was having a hard time with students there, he was bully because of who short he was he standing height was only 3'11 and he was only in the 10 grade. Gabe didn't really like the people at his school because how bad the they next day after breck Gabe whet back to school and when he went to go to his first class of the day he ran into a new student, and the new student was in his seat but they really didn't have assigned seats...Gabriel didn't want to seem rube by asking the new student to move from his seat, so Gabriel move to the next seat back.

Later that day Gabriel was walking in the hallways and right by his locker where the bullies just standing there by his lock like the usually do, the bullies did the same thing everyday. They pick him up and throw Gabriel across the room and were Gabriel landed, he landed were the new student was standing at. Gabriel was crying because of the pain, the bullying, and that people were always laugh at him...Gabriel just want to leave a normal life and not be a High class Fairy Boy that got bully every day because of his height. Gabriel got up and walk away with tears going down his face and he went back to the forest where he lived with his mother...

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Drago was walking to his locker. I am glad that I can change into a human form... he thought. He came here from another world, so it was hard for him. But he learned. His eyes looked brown now. He pushed his blonde hair out of his face. Drago was almost by his locker but then...
A really short boy landed on the floor right infront of him. There were three bullies, laughing at the boy. The boy cried, and got and walked away. I will not let this happen, he thought. Drago was one of the tallest boys in this school, so he was much taller than the bullies. Drago 's eyes turned to his red dragon eyes for a second. He ran over tho the bullies.
After ten minutes, the bullies laid on the floor, groaning because of the pain. Idiots, Drago thought, I should find the boy and ask him if he is okay...
He ran out of the school, looking for the boy.

Gabriel was now to deep into the forest where his mother live. Gabriel walk in the front door with his wings flapping as much as they can trying to get the dust off of them, then he shouts "Oriel...Mother Oriel..." Gabriel looks around for her but sadly cant find her so, Gabriel is almost out of the door tell he hears a voice in his hade and it says "Go back to school, it not safe here..." he knew who voice that was he just ignore it and walk out the door and goes back to school hoping nothing bad would happen...

After 15 minutes, Drago gave up. I hope he is okay... he thought. He walked back to school. When he get there, he saw the bullies, talking in the hall. When they saw him, they quickly got out of his way. Drago got to his locker, and opened it. He grabbed his stuff, and walked to the classroom...

Gabriel went back to the school. Went Gabriel got the to his locker he got out his stuff and went one his way..then he end up bumping into the need kid...Gabriel quickly said "I am sorry!!!" and walk away as fast as his little feet could go

Gabriel got back to class and the teacher look at his wings and the look very damaged due to the fact that he throw into a wall, Gabriel didn't care about the pain, he just want the pain to stop, and fir the bullying to stop because he was short ans a homosexall...he hated who people treat him...he was still normal enough to live...after the teacher saw Gabriel wing he told him to go to the office and write down what happen so we could get it fix, but Gabriel didn't want any attention to himself, he hated it a lot to be honest, but he did what the teacher said to him...

Drago looked at him. Wait... He has... Wing? But it looks wounded after they threw him on the floor... Okay, calm down... He was getting angry again. But he must calm down. Okay, stop or you will change into Full Dragon Form... And, I most go to that boy and tell him that the bullies will not attack him anymore.
The last bell rang. Drago went to his locker. He grabbed all his stuff, and waited for the boy.

Gabriel came out of the office with his wing pin down on his back to he couldn't use them till they heal fully. He went to his locker and got his stuff to go home back in the woods. Gabriel passed by the new boy and kindly walk away a little faster because he was scared of him but also he thought he took really cute.

Drago walked to him. It was really easy, because the boy was almost a half smaller than him.
"H-hey, I just wanted to tell you something... The bullies who attacked you... You don 't need to worry anymore. They are afraid even to touch you now," he said and smiled a little.
I hope he is okay... he thought.

Gabriel look at him confused, "What do you mean by thet?" he ask and tilts his hade looking at you. Gabriel also thought to himself 'His voice is so sweet and and so warming I could just melt to his voice' Gabriel also really did find him really cute and kinda to him.

"Well... They got beaten up... By me..." he said and grinned a little.
When he talked about the fight, his eyes changed to normal for a moment. But it quickly changed back, like it never happened. He smiled nervously, hoping that the boy didn 't see it.

Gabriel study him for a minute, before saying anything to him about the fight and what his name was. "Well, thank you for doing that for me. Oh, my name is Gabriel Campbell. Most people call me Gabe. What you name sir?" he said not willing to share that he was a homosexul fairy and that he found the other boy very handsome, kind to him, and he like the fact he stood up for him.

"Oh, my name is Drago. Nice to meet you, Gabe," he said and grinned.
Gabriel seemed really nice to him. And... He wanted to ask him a question.
"Umm... Gabe? I just wanted to ask you something... I saw that you have a wing, and I think it is pretty cool," he said and smiled, "and I wanted to ask: who are you? Like, I never saw anyone with a wing before..."
Okay... Some creatures in my world had wings, but that is still a little amount of knowledge... he thought.

Gabriel look at him and giggle slightly. "I am a fairy of nature and I protect it very much." he turns around to open up his wings that wear already heal. "See these are my wing." the wear clare and had left like symbols on them that were green and brown. Gabriel want to tell Drago that he was homosexal and that he found him handsome but he was not going to lose the friendship that he was trying to build with him.

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