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Now that we have epic accounts and the ability to create custom character templates, we really need a thread for people to show off their work.

My first design is based on the LCARS computer interface from Star Trek. See it in use here.

Who else is working on their own templates?

Haaay, that's pretty damn nifty.

I'm blindly stumbling about as I'm pretty herp a' derp when it comes to CSS. So I am working on one ever so slowly.

Thanks Dylan :)

My CSS is a bit rusty too, so it took a little while to get right. Kim's guide was very helpful though.

Where id this guide!? D:

Right here. You can also find it at the bottom of the edit CSS page, "Explain how this works to me."

Slowly, buts urely, I'm getting used to this:

Looking good!

Is the character art your creation too?

I wish. It was commissioned from Saimensez on Deviant Art/Gaia Online.

Just finished another template, it compliments the previous LCARS design.

Link for an example.

I've thought of doing an epic status to invoke my own custom css, however, it has been so long since I've used it that I am unsure of where to find decent graphics for it's make-up. Such as link widgets and the like. If anyone can direct me to such a website that has such items, I may start investing some more time in the RPR.

I'm going to have to continue tweaking with the footer, but much work has been put into this.

If I could just get that footer coded.

I used the default Parchment layout as a base for my code, and then raped, ravaged, pillages and killed it.

Once I've fully coded it, I'll produce a generic versionw ithout the character art.

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Forums > Art & Creativity > Epic Templates