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A group of samurai walk into a small village on the outskirts of the Japanese Empire in search of ninja or ninja sympathizers. They eye the villagers suspiciously as they avoid their gaze. Meanwhile, the town medicine woman, a beautiful individual with a pink lotus flower in her violet flowing hair, cleans a small bowl just outside her hut. Her kimono was simple yet somehow elegant and her expression was soft and welcoming.
A tall, muscular man with a mask walks up to her in clothing that indicates that he is a wanderer. They exchange brief conversation before she invites him inside. A few minutes later, he leaves with a paper in his hand and a katana. Ai walks back out and looks around before taking her seat again, hoping that her actions were not too suspicious.

(I'm not sure if the samurai you exchanged with was supposed to be me or....)

(No, you're the one leading the patrol. I probably should have been more specific, my bad)

(Hey, do you still want to do this rp?)

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Forums > General Roleplay Forum > The Floating Lotus