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Enchanted Beetle Juice. Quite possibly the best potion to ever use for health, as it can cure all wounds and minor illnesses with a single drop. That is, if you can down the stuff. It also contains quite possibly the worst and most rancid tasting substance known to any who had the misfortune to lay their taste buds upon it for more than 0.1 seconds.

Hey! Why not try a new fun game to see how your character would react to drinking a drop (or more if they're unfortunate enough.) of Enchanted Beetle Juice? Here's how it goes. Pretty simple.

Roll a 20 sided die. If you get an even number, your character has successfully drunk it! If you get an odd however... allow your character to proceed to barf their lungs out for the next twenty seconds. Here's a scale to help you out with their reactions to see how good or bad you did.

2 = "I think there's a bit of upchuck in my mouth..." 20 = "I didn't taste anything. That was quite pleasant actually."
1 = Your character just so happened to drink the entire bottle. If one drop can make you barf your lungs out, what do you honestly think an entire bottle of the stuff can do? "Hey Paw..?" "Yeah?" "What's that green fountain over the forest...?" "An unfortunate soul, son. A massively unfortunate soul." 20 = Minor barf. Possibly projectile vomit. "Hey that wasn't too ba- UAAAAGH!"

Well, what are you waiting for? Test ye luck!

A glass bottle similar to a whiskey canteen sits upon a wooden pedestal in the middle of a flowery field. The label reads. "Only one drop is needed." Your character has a stomach ache or some other kind of illness or injury. Do you dare test both your luck and your tongue?

Wait, weren't even numbers the good results while the odd numbers are the bad?

In D&D, 1 on a D20 is the worst possible score you could get. I'm basing it a bit off that. Yeah, oddss are the worst.

((hehe looks like fun, the scale examples seem to contradict the original intent, so I'm going to stick with evens good, odds bad as originally posted with higher results being more intense))

"Ughhh….I shouldn't have stood so close to those engine coils....I think I'm glowing the wrong color...."

Pix picks up the potion looking at it weakly, holding it up and swirling the liquid around the bottom....a random potion designed to cure any disease anyone might have? What could go wrong?

Edit -

"Blech! What was in that?"

A single drop down her hatch, the health properties of the potion are....less than apparent. She thinks she's a little less dizzy, but now she could really use a mentos

rolled 1d20 and got 2

"Oh interesting, let's see if this potion-maker actually was able to do what they claimed." The demon seemed almost morbidly fascinated by the prospect, taking the bottle and tipping it back between his lips.

When he had taken a few swallows, he smacked his lips as he waited for potential effects. then, he shrugged. "A hoax, for sure. Not terrible, but overall just...mostly bland, really, though it has an interesting aftertaste." After a few moments, he took a few more swigs, savoring the aftertaste a little after each.

rolled 1d20 and got 10

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Forums > Forum Games > Enchanted Beetle Juice!