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I really love this journal feature (I've made large use of it on one of my characters :3) but I noticed there isn't really an easy way to reorganize the entries... Like, the last one you've written is first on the page, but I'd rather have it so the first one is first.. and if you wanted to add an entry in the middle or something, there isn't an easy way to do that. So it'd involve a lot of copy and paste to fix it..

Any plans about that? I didn't see it anywhere in the log, so I thought I'd ask. *nods*

Journal entries are ordered by most recent, so to put a journal entry somewhere in the middle of your log, you just have to pick a time for it that's located somewhere in the chronological middle of when you've been writing entries.

I hadn't had any plans to show journal entries in reverse order, but now that I consider it it's possible.

Ah, thank you! Hadn't realized about the dates. Atleast I know how to do that now. Thank you <3 And yeah, I think it would be nifty for reverse order~

I see that the 'ordering by date' question has come up a couple times.
It would be good to have them ordered by the date set on the journal entry.

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Forums > Suggestions & Development Discussion > About journals...