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I know this probably sounds a bit stupid, ((especially if they exist and i just can't find them :p)) but maybe Anonymous accounts could work? i mean, i know some people don't like making accounts on things, so it would be a nice alternative, and would help more people get into the website. again, sorry if they exist!

You can make anonymous characters.

Showing your age and gender are optional, and you can put as little or as much info on your user profile as you want. I can't see this going into effect, due to concerns about cyber bullying and trolling mostly.

sir_grey, i am aware, but some people, say, their parents, wont let them make accounts on things. justabitevil, very good point, i didn't think about what it could be used for.

I'm not sure how an account that is any more anonymous than they already are would help if parents are saying no. Still the same risk of getting caught. And even if the parents are being unfair, I don't think that Kim wants to encourage that kind of rebellion. ^^; Nor risk being sued by angry parents for trying to make it easier.

(Edited because part of my post somehow got eaten the first time.)

true, true

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Forums > Suggestions & Development Discussion > Anonymous accounts?