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Yo! I'm looking for a long-term roleplay taking place within the Magical Girl / Fantasy genres. The actual setting is flexible in terms of the prevalence of magic and whether it's modern or pre-modern. I am always willing to be flexible on whether there are mature themes, though there won't be by default. I am open to romance, though I and my character Mallory are lesbians. I'm also happy to have the RP take place within the Sailor Moon verse in particular, and am open to playing/playing with fancharacters in addition to Mallory, especially if they're from properties on Nintendo systems, as I'm a dork like that. Mallory herself is a very literal man-eater who sometimes gobbles up her foes in rather comical fashion. When she's not doing that, she often fights with love-themed magic and girlish charm!

The RP would ideally involve some sort of adventure, tackling some kind of evil group/organization, bonding, overcoming challenges related to a character's weaknesses and needs. A story of growth with plenty of buttkicking, basically!

If you're interested, contact me via PMs, preferably with the following info:

Character: (Like, a link to your character sheet)
Settings Preference: (If you have one)
Mature Themes Preference: (If you don't have one, I will default to no.)
Fandom/Fancharacter Interests: (If you have any)


Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

Nightstorm is my go-to magic user but, if I am internally planning on a romance, then I'll bring Sallie Olympus into the mix. Plus I work better with more than one character.

...marked this forum.

Id be interested myself and my charries are also lesbian

Thank you all for your interest! I noticed it might be helpful to have some very basic info on my character's style here, so I've updated my post!

Hello! Quick question- is this role play still open? I do have a magical girl character I'm waiting to use...

Just saw this as well. Might as well offer Flandre here as she's a magical girl and hasn't seen much play as of yet.

Hi! lemony again! This is my magical girl character...I haven't had a chance to use her since I'm very new to this site! I don't know if you'll respond to this, but again, is this still open?

I'm interested,mind if I play as Alexia

Re-opening my add for interest~! Feel free to ask questions or bring up your own ideas. c:

Agh! I've got a character but it's still kinda WIP. Oh well, if you can tolerate a bit of a hot headed fire mage, then sure.


UltraNecroziumZ wrote:
Agh! I've got a character but it's still kinda WIP. Oh well, if you can tolerate a bit of a hot-headed fire mage, then sure.

Go for it! They definitely sound like they have potential. I can work with concepts that aren't necessarily concretely fleshed out, but would appreciate a character reference so that I can have a mental image of them if you'd like to hit me up. c:

Flandre Scarlet wrote:
And of course, you're also welcome! Apologies for not getting back to you earlier.

Outstanding! Just lemme know when we'll be ready!

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Forums > Looking for RP > Magical Girl Action/Adventure