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does this sort of thing even go here
im sorry


I've been writing almost since I learned how to read. I'm mostly self-taught, taking snippets of online tutorials and stuff to write compelling-ish characters and interesting-er stories. In theory.

I'm really proud of this but no one around me ever reads my stories so I have no idea if I'm actually any good or not. And since I figure you lot are pretty much all literature nuts in a sense, you could help me out.

Ongoing short story, Red Notebook. Please tell me what you think.

My thoughts on the Red Notebook
This is an awesome Diary/Journal type read A11_Th3_S4m3! Thanks for sharing this with us. I did have a bit of an issue with the fonts, but it's like trying to read my cursive writing.... it isn't easy. Very well done I say!

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Forums > Art & Creativity > Fiction Short Story