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My character is a person who lives just outside of the kingdom your character resides in, and happens to be running away from. MC finds YC wounded just outside their home. MC uses whatever they can to heal YC, and provides shelter from whatever it is YC was running from. They slowly fall for each other, as YC gets used to life in MC's cabin. Looking mainly for male ocs on your end, as MC prefers males as romantic partners, but females are allowed. Prompt below.

Tipnur-Batrus, or as most people knew them, Tip, was strolling through the forest their home was surrounded by. They had a bowstaff in one hand, used as a walking stick for now, and a basket of food in the other. They planned on having a picnic near the river that flowed just a mile north of their cabin, but their walk was rather rudely interrupted by a dead body, spotted just out of the corner of Tip's eye. They looked over, horrified, only to find that this body was still breathing. They took it upon themselves to rush over and try to help. The person lying on the ground was covered in and followed by blood, probably the reason they passed out. Tip shifted the items in their hands with the intent to carry this unconscious person. They, with some struggle, managed to lift the body and hold the person to their chest as they rushed back to their cabin. They glanced down upon hearing a moan emit from the unconscious person's mouth, signaling their awakening.


Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Looking for 1 other player.

Hey! I would be absolutely delighted to RP with you, you have an amazing idea and I'd love to participate in this with you- if you want me to join! :)

I'm interested, I will use the male character that I'm going to start making soon if you accept my request. Can I PM you?

Im interested

Me to.

If it’s still open, I’m interested in it.

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Forums > Looking for RP > Fantasy RP