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The most spooktacular time of the year had finally had came at long last. It was the time of year when kids and teenagers of all ages could just kick back and enjoy being scared silly, or just go around the neighborhood collecting candy from creepily dressed adults. And of course, the big bad Dr. Eggman himself was wanting to get in on the fun and live out his inner young child self. This was a rare time when Dr. Eggman didn't have anything malicious planned and simply wanted to host a good time for everyone, regardless of what their ages were.

The Dr. had all of his robots dressed up in spooky costumes while he himself was dressing up like....You guessed it! A mad scientist, complete with the classic lab coat and tiny little goggles, although his were in the shapes of cogwheels.

Sonic upon hearing of his planned Halloween event at Eggmanland went to investigate; what reason did Sonic have to trust his arch nemesis after all the tricks Eggman had pulled? The egg-shaped middle aged man couldn't go an entire week without trying some crazy scheme to cause havoc for the world. And of course, where there was chaos, Sonic would be there to intervene and put an end to it. So, Sonic decided to join in on the party, and the blue blur donned a classical vampire outfit, complete with a golden cross with a ruby in the middle and fake but convincing looking vampire fangs. And the blur headed to Eggmanland where a mighty and eerie looking mansion adorned in a HUGE (fake) bloody mustache rested in the middle. The mansion housing at least fifteen floors and rooms, each with his robots dressed up as scary monsters and all kinds of 'traps' set up throughout the house to give the trick or treaters a good scare.

Sonic had to wonder...Who else received Dr. Eggman's invitation and directions to the mansion? Who else would come?

“So this is the doctor’s mansion?” Firenweorc hummed slightly to himself as he looked up at the large mansion. He was partially dressed up but most of his ‘costume’ was quite real. He had large golden horns and deep red wings and scales, though he wore a black and gold tailcoat and instead of his human feet he had those of a dragon’s. He was dressed as a Dragonborn from one of his favorite games, dungeons and dragons. Being a dragon himself though came in quite handy, as even his golden eyes had slitted pupils.

He had never known what exactly Halloween was like, as his kingdom never celebrated it. But upon getting invited to a Halloween party by a scientist that he was already curious about he decided to check it out. Firenweorc walked up to the door and knocked a little hard on it. ’I wonder how this will play out.... Afol has said that Halloween used to be a day to celebrate the dead, but then I heard it was for candy. Which is it?’

The door which had the image of a cross with bat wings sprouting from the ends of the cross slowly started to creak open in a stereotypical old movie fashion. Followed by the startling sound of 'drowning music' and finally a shrill scream of a terrified woman which was actually just a sound-effect that the scientist had installed into the door for extra added scary effect. Now inside, of course, it was dimly lit despite a big chandelier hanging from the crumbling ceiling of the mansion and both real and fake cobwebs decorated the lower and upper corners of the walls, while the windows were covered in fake blood that to the untrained eye may have looked real. Indeed, Dr. Eggman had gone a long way to making this look as authentic of an experience for his visitors as possible.

Upon entering inside, the trick or treater would be greeted by a ghost spinning around in dizzying circles moaning. "No one ever leaves bzzzttt! No one ever leaves, no one ever leaves! Here you stay, here you stay! Bzzzttt!"

Sonic himself was just arriving, although it seemed, much to his own surprise, someone had already beaten him to the mansion.

Firenweorc jumped slightly from the woman’s screams but then relaxed when he realized it was fake. He knew the decorations were fake as he did have the trained eyes, and much of Halloween was quite confusing to the dragon.

Firenweorc looked at the robot and he chuckled slightly, ’That’s pretty funny looking......’ He turned around to see the blue hedgehog and he looked at him in a curious manner. “Hi, I’m guessing you got an invite as well?”

Sonic was holding an aqua blue colored pumpkin bucket in his hand while his jade eyes stared straight on ahead at the mansion in question. A single hand coming to tighten into a fist, his mouth upturned. But then his hand relaxed and unclenched, his eyes turning towards the horned man who was quite the attention grabber. The slitted eyes certainly did catch the attention of his jade hues, but Sonic wasn't really one to stare at someone, no matter how surprised they may have been to him.

"You bet," Sonic remarked to the dragon with the left corner of his mouth lifting to give his famous side-grin. "Ol' Eggman and I go waaay back! You could almost say we're good pals. And I couldn't pass up a sweet opportunity like this!"

Firenwoerc noticed the jade eyes and the spiky blue on the back of Sonic's head and as he spoke, he recognized the fangs as being convincing fakes. He hummed slightly and he nodded, smiling slightly. "I see, Eggman and I don't know each other as well as that but I took an online class where he was the teacher. Seems I'm the only one who decided to come and get to know the doctor better." He chuckled slightly in a deep voice. His wings shifted slightly to be more comfortable and he thought for a moment before looking to the robot. "Is this supposed to show us where to go or do we stay here in the entry way?"

Nimueh, the sorceress, was not at all one of those lucky enough to have been invited to Dr Eggman's Fun House or given directions to this place.

She had been casting spells reading from her books when something had gone wrong, terribly wrong, and she found herself landing right before the house, quite out of the blue, unsure of where she was or what was going on.

She was a little weary, taking a good look at the two conversing gentlemen before her, deciding to approach and ask around.


"Greetings and good fortune to you both... may I ask what is going on here?" saluted the young woman with a smile on her face glad she had at least found others to mingle with

"Online course classes?" Sonic's eyes lifted slightly in a display of surprise. He didn't think that bumbling egg would go to the trouble of setting up something online. But then, the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. "Yeah, looks like we'll both be seeing what he's up to," Sonic stated with a chuckle and a throw of his hands into the air. "Your guess is as good as mine, pal. Though knowing old baldy, he probably expects us to enter his oversized doll-house."

Sonic brought a single red and white sneaker to step forward towards the doorway, but he swiftly stopped and turned his neck to gaze behind him. Another had arrived, and this one was a pale woman of rather extraordinary beauty, although of course the Blue Blur wasn't particularly caught up in her looks since romantic pursuits were the very last thing on his list.

"Yo! Well, you could say we've all been invited to a big party here. Did you get an invite too?" Sonic inquired of the other female. His white-gloved hand lifting up to give a slight wave.

[Dogs allowed? lol]

Repede wrote:
[Dogs allowed? lol]
(Got a humanized version of Sonic here, a dragon guy, and an evil sorceress. Pretty much anyone is welcome here.)

Holding an envelope in his mouth, since holding things with his paws would be rather hard to do. The canine huffed a bit as he had armour fixed on his body, which was his costume. His ears flickered a bit as his tail waved at his side. He wasn't much for this, but it got him out of where he was.

Repede gave a huge yawn as he sat outside this structure, giving a rather tired and bored look.

Firenweorc looked over at the girl and he hummed slightly, then the dog. ’Well at least I’m not the only one here......’ He thought to himself and he waved a little awkwardly. He wasn’t at all a people person.

A humanlike canine stepped up, looking at all the others. He waved to one of them, then waited outside the structure for something of interest to happen. "So, how's it going?" he said to no one in particular, trying to strike up a conversation.

Sonic chuckled to himself as he saw more guests arriving for the fun house. And it seemed that Eggman had gotten quite the crowd this time. The Blue Wonder scanned his jade eyes over the two new trick-or-treaters; one being a blue-eyed canine with, no doubt, the invitation Eggman had sent out, in his mouth. With a set of armor as his costume. "Lookin' a bit bored there, pal," Sonic noted with a slight tilt of his head. But then before a single blink could be made from anyone, the blue male had dashed without seemingly moving his feet and was now inside the fun house.

As Sonic's eyes went to acknowledge the newest one arriving among them, a white canine with short black stripes and quite anthropoid in appearance, he heard a demonic like growl and laugh. But of course...The Blue Blur was unfazed by the otherwise terrifying sound and tapped his foot, clearly unimpressed.

"Eh. Ol' Eggman needs to work on these sound effects.."

"Agreed." Firenwoerc wasn't at all phased by the laugh and growl, as he had heard the real ones many times before. He turned a heel to walk further inside and find Dr. Eggman himself. "I thought that it was custom to greet the guests at the door in this culture...…" He thought out loud and his golden horns glistened in the light as he shifted his head around as if looking for clues

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