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* Elena hands u her bowl* oh can u clean this thx * runs off*

*drops it in the sink and grabs his back pack*

I grab my back pack* come on Peter your going to miss the bus!!

*runs outside to the bus*

Runs after u as climbs into bus* slow poke

*jumps into bus*

* at school she Walks into her classroom alone. Elena didn't have friends at the school she was to shy to make any. During class she sat in the back and during lunch she sat in a corner alone*

*peter heads to see his friend*

* later*
* she sits at a lunch table in the back alone reading a book and barely eatin her food*

*walks up to her*

Doesn't notice u

"You should really eat more"

Looks at u then pushes food towards u*

"Eat" *pushes food back at her*

Pushes it back u*

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Forums > General Roleplay Forum > Spiderman