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* elbows bother and whispers* mj and Peter kissin in a tree hehe

Mary Jane smiled at the siblings. It'd been a while since she'd seen them last(classes to catch up on and all that) and she was glad to finally talk to them(more than a few sentences at a time, at least).
"I couldn't help hearing you from across the room," she said with a teasing grin as she pointed to her friends' table. Em was giving her a look and kept making kissy faces, but she just rolled her eyes. They'd been like that recently(both her friends and Elena), teasing her about Peter. But she just ignored them most of the time.
"What's all the commotion about?," she asked, a bit curious.

*peter nudges his sisters arm* "trying to get her to eat"

Mary Jane frowned a bit. "Elena! But the food is so good today! Not even a bite?," she said, a bit worried.

*he smirks at her*

I don't eat

* elbows Peter back*

"See even she agrees" *he says elbowing her again*

Elbows back but digs her bony elbow into his ribs* shut up

*elbows her again hitting her rib lightly* "eat"

No and you can't make me

* her skinny fail body tells u somethings wrong when she turns pale*

Mary Jane gave Elena a worried look at the sudden change in skin tone, but brushed it off, sure Elena would tell her if she didn't feel well and needed help.
Mary Jane couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy to see the siblings arguing. Unlike them, when her abusive father left her and her mom, that was the closest family she had besides her mom and aunt Anna. They were great to her and all, but she still couldn't help feeling a bit left-out to see her friends and their siblings.
Her smile returned quickly, though, when she remembered part of the reason she had come over here.
"Oh, I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm going to the fair this weekend," she said with a bright smile. The fair was always a tradition Mary Jane had enjoyed ever since she was little, so it was always happy to go back every year.
"In case you want to come along? Or meet up there," she offered with an excited grin.

She smiled but then suddenly ran down the hall as fast as she could until she collasped onto the floor*

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