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Her pulse lol

*runs back in* "she what!!"

She's lost a pulse * EMTs load her on ambulance *

A few hours later she sits up awake tubes and machine all around her * Peter in scared

"This is why you need to eat"

Looks down * but food makes me feel sick

* the window suddenly bursts and venom jumps in*

"You need to"

*spidey sense*
"Get down!!"

Gets down* why!
* window bursts and venom tackles u*

*his spider reflexes automatically kick in and he flips out of the way* "Stay safe ilk be back" *runs in opposite direction*

Hides under bed terrified*

*couple minutes later parker is gone and black suit spidey appears* "Hey ugly black doesnt suit you!!!" *he says swinging in and kicking him in the face*

Venom hissed* ssssspidey man
* Elena looked up at him

* Elena had been Spider-Man's biggest fan ever since she Ium out about him. She grabbed her phone getting some pictuers of him In action

*leads venom away from the school*

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