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He attacks u and I take pictuers *

"Hey venom do you have webs? Lets play tag" *shoots webs at his face so he cant see* "your it"

* an hour later Elena is walking home from school alone and staring at the screen of her phone looking at the pics.


* I stare at my phone walking across the street not paying attention*

*finishes defeating venom for now and swings through the city*

I'm crossing the street looking at Spiderman pictuers and not seeing a car come toward me*

*swings down and quickly grabs her*

Screams then sees u* oh my gosh

*takes her to the park* "you should be more careful or you will get hit by a car"

S...sorry * hides phone behind back*

"Just be more careful" *he runs off and jumps I to the air slinging his webs*

* jumps up and down happily an bolt home and goes up to my room drawing art pieces of Spiderman from the pictuers I got*

*peter sneaks to his room later that night*

Is drawing late at night *

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