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Really my only thought is this, right now we have forum name and last reply, I would love to also see a slot for the name of the original poster.

At a glance I could now tell who posted instead of having to into it.

Just my 2c

Hmm! Are you viewing the forums on mobile, by chance? Normally for me, on my laptop, I can see the topic, author, post count, and last post.

If you are using mobile to browse the site, maybe try flipping your phone horizontally and see if that extends your view?

Omg lol wish I knew that thanks a lot (and yes I am on mobile)

Next subject

How to delete forum topics so I dont look like the idiot I am? 🤣🤣🤣

Hahah, it's not a silly thing to ask. If you've only ever viewed the forums on mobile, you wouldn't know it was any other way.

You can contact a moderator to delete a forum post if you really think it needs to go, but the mods in general tend to err on the side of not deleting things. Having the topic remain up will be helpful to other folks with the same question in the future. :)

Most of my life is spent on the road so I rarely get to use my laptop, I haven't used this site at all on my lappy. And looking at the forums from portrait view you cannot scroll to the right for that additional info either, has to be landscape view.

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Forums > Suggestions & Development Discussion > Additional information viewing forums