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Hero Academy is a school for building up the inner hero of each person with a power or not. The school provides different type of courses such as Ability Strength, Endurance Will, Wisdom Researcher, Dexterity Reaction and Gadget Survivor.
So what kind of a Hero are you? Enrolled now to become the next future hero.

Rules in this RP
1. No Overpower or god mode.
2. Keep the swearing to a minimum
3. No need to ask but just join.
4. Just Have fun

((Hey! This thing still open? :) It's fine if it's not.))

((If it's still open,I'd like to do this rp,mind if I play as Bill?))

((Well been waiting for someone to post on this RP.))

((Hey, which of my characters would be ok for this rp? I was thinking either this one or Nykiil.))

((And I forgot I made Fred anonymous.))

((I will take your silence as a 'still waiting for somebody to post'!))

He pops into existence in the form of a tall, lanky man with green eyes and pitch-black hair, wearing a trench coat and a pair of bright-yellow shorts.

"Hm, this place is still deserted? Might as well bring in some new students!" He grins wickedly and disappears.

((Is that an ok way to start it? If not just ignore it.))

(Since you started..better play my role.)
At the back alley of the Slum, There is a boy who is on his 18th year that he sat down on the broken sofa while holding a can of beer. His appearance is slight brown skin, Messy hair style, and wears a black rugged hoody.

He was curse with a power of his late human father and Yuki Onna Mother.

He walked into the alleyway, checking an expensive-looking watch. "Hello?" He called out, knowing that there was somebody in the alley.

He heard someone greet to him that he just gave him a cold glare that knowing this is his territory.

He raised an eyebrow, somewhat insulted. "Giving me the cold shoulder, huh?" He asked, pulling a small orb out of his pocket.

He took a stand that he drink his beer until its empty then freeze it and crush it into tiny ice pieces. "You should leave this place..."

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