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Hello readers! Today I wanted to discuss the idea of an MMO-type roleplaying game. It's a mouthful. I have been pondering over the idea for a bit and I am curious if others would be interested. Generally, there are a few ways to go about this.

Path 1: The Simple Game.

This idea revolves around a more simple MMO experience. There are classes, dungeons, monsters, consumables, and dramatic social interaction. The system I have in mind is the .hack// infinite generation. Character creation is a two step process (picking a class and picking a background) and everything is accomplished by rolling a d6 or two. This game can also be played without a GM/System Administrator. Everything is randomly generated and self-contained.

Path 2: The More Complex Game.

I haven't quite decided on a system for this game, but it would cover other aspects usually found in MMO's: crafting, expansive class growth, permadeath (with limited inheritance), dynamic world and a player pushed economy. This can range from a grim-dark mmo to a very high fantasy adventure. This game would have much more character creation options, but the character creation process becomes that much longer.

The idea is still up in the air, so I would greatly appreciate any ideas that you may have! Thank you so much for reading this.

Oh my word, I never knew .hack had a tabletop game!! Should have suspected - each series was like a campaign - but never knew. Nerts. Baby-me would have been all over that.

It feels like a game like this would probably benefit from a GM’s light touch - or some discussion regarding direction, at the very least! Like you said, a concept like this could hit any number of genres or tones, and preferences are so subjective that it might take work to find a happy compromise. I wonder if it might be easier to “form a party” if you picked one whose tone you liked personally and advertised/built upon that, or if it would be possible to cobble something unique out of the input of multiple interested parties...?

I'd definitely be interested in this! I agree with MainlyPango, though, this definitely would work best with a GM. There are two ways you could go about deciding a genre and direction for the game. Once enough people are interested, they could be picked based on people's interests to find something most suited to the group as a whole. Alternatively, you could pick one that you personally would enjoy running/participating in and recruit like-minded people.

A couple things about your proposal for the more complex version struck me as particularly interesting: permadeath with limited inheritance and a player-driven economy. Permadeath is something you don't often see in actual MMOs, but in an RP mimicking an MMO that could be a good mechanic to have in order to encourage players to be smart about what they do. I'd like to know more about how the limited inheritance part works, though. If accidental deaths are a possibility, losing almost everything you have could be pretty frustrating...but since this isn't an actual MMO, players are unlikely to fall off the terrain by mistake or wander by accident into a PvP-enabled zone and get killed, so that may not even be an issue. Secondly, a player-driven economy with crafting would be something I think would be fascinating to see played out in RP, especially given that the permadeath rules could enforce the scarcity of certain hard-to-obtain items.

Regardless of how you decide to do this, I look forward to hearing more about it and eventually taking part!

Path 2 is definitely interesting to me. I can't really say anything since everything that I would say has already been said, so I agree with what Malachite and Pango are saying about finalizing the roster and deciding on specific themes and direction from there.

I'm definitely interested in this concept, though. I'll bee looking forward to this if it ever happens.

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