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((Same thing happened to two of my other characters as well. I guess that got hacked last night or something.))

((No, the site was under maintenance and some data was moved and/or lost.))

((I don’t have Rayne’s info :( ))

((So what are we going to do?))

((We can continue and I’ll redo her later.))

((Okay I'll respond as soon as I can. Homework is kicking my butt. Yay college...))

((Boo. Good luck.))

James perked a brow as she stretched, curious to how flexible she actually was. Snapping back to reality as she spoke to him he smiled softly at her and chuckled at her comment. “Anything that gets me closer to nature really...hiking, camping, fishing, excetra.” He said and scratched the back of his head. “I like singing to...though not in front of people really.” He said with a small laugh. Looking into her eyes he sighed softly and continued, “I’m not the most exciting person...”

Rayne sighs. “Neither am I. Bloodsucking demon-human from Hell, eternally damned to walk the Earth forever. . . That’s about it.” She lays down so her head is in his lap. She pouts. “Oh, and I died a virgin. Everyone’s worst nightmare. Here we are, 1800 years later and I am still one.” She rolls her eyes. “That’s all that’s interesting. You? You can morph into a wolf, form a pack, you taste excellent, you’re Handsome. . . The list goes on.” She sighs.

((Fixed her. And she’s better now!))

James listened to her and started playing with her hair as she laid her head in his lap. “If it helps you feel better, I’m a virgin as well. Though I haven’t been around near as long as you have...” He said softly and laid back on his bed. Smirking at her comment he glanced down at her and said, “So the vampire thinks the wolf is handsome...” he joked and laughed softly. “I think you’re beautiful...” he said before looking back down at her.

Rayne closes her eyes. “I have a painting back from before I died. I didn’t look like this then.” She shifts so she’s laying beside him. She nuzzles the spot on his neck where she bit him and sighs, the useless air freezing cold, like her. “It’s just the vampiric change that made this. . . Beauty. I can guarantee you that I looked quite terrible before.” She laughs bitterly. “My beauty just hides the monster I am.”

James growled at her comment, hating that she keeps putting herself down. Quickly taking hold of both her wrists he moved on top of her and pinned her down. “I am not a shallow person. I wasn’t referring to just looks. The beauty I see is deep inside you. While yes you are visually stunning, it only had a partial amount of the reason I see you as beautiful.” He said to her, his eyes intense as he looked at her. “Stop putting yourself down, what you are physically only partially effects who you are as a person.” He continued, still holding her wrists.

Rayne’s eyes widen. “I-I. . .” She blinks a few times. “J-James. . .” She bites her lip. She closed her eyes and just stays completely still. “. . .you have to be mistaken; I’m a monster.” Her eyes snap opening, glowing a menacing red. “I drank your blood, the very bane of your existence!” Rayne’s eyes narrow. “Why are you so accepting of a bloodsucker as your destined mate?? Why aren’t you trying to burn me alive! You said I’m beautiful instead. . .”

James eyes narrowed at her words and his grip tightened, “you seem to not get it. I don’t give a flying **** what you are. Vampire, wolf, some creature with purple skin and yellow polka dots. It doesn’t ****ing matter to me.” He said as his eyes started to change color and glow. They turned a bright crystal blue as he continued, “you are my soul mate by all rights of nature. I accept that not because I have to but because I feel it’s right.” He moved his face slightly closer to hers and said, “and yes you drank but blood but I offered it. I was willing. I would rather you drink my blood than get so damn hungry that you fly off the handle. That’s a good way to become a target.”

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