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Just a idea. I have totally enjoyed this website since I've joined. Kim thank you for creating all of this.

I just don't think something like this is really viable. I mean 12 months epicness is already $55 so a lifetime of epicness would need to be much more expensive and I don't know if such an expensive item and the logistics of making it would be worth it. Most of us probably don't have the money to easily drop on such an item either.

I'm sure Kim would be willing to offer lifetime epicness when she stops having monthly bills to pay to keep this place running. XD

(Only meant to be friendly teasing, not actually making fun.)

But yeah, this isn't the first time someone's asked about this, but Kim needs the ongoing payments from us in order to keep the site running. Probably the closest she could offer is maybe trying to set up an automatic renewal, but then anyone using it would have to make sure they have the funds in their account. At present, you can already buy well ahead, since it always gets added on as an extension.

Still, there are plenty ways to get free epicness! There are the official contests during Epic Week, and through the year some members will offer some up in various ways too. For me, between the EW contests and occasionally buying a little extra, I've been Epic for a solid 2-3 years now, and it's presently set to last me until fall 2020!

I'm a epic member til 2023. I'm sure 5 years of epicness knowing kim gives discounts it would be 200-225. This is the best roleplaying website. I've ever been on. From Kim to our fabulous moderaters. I've met and made so many beautiful blessed freinds on here. If anyone of my freinds need to find a role playing website. I tell them this is the one I recommend. It was just a thought I wanted to toss out.

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Forums > Suggestions & Development Discussion > Lifetime epicness