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"The ancients... they sailed westward too, ya know. Masters of the high seas, they was. Don't know what happened to 'em, but seeing as how they ain't here no more, it couldn't 'ave ended well for 'em, now could it? Only fools go looking for that kinda trouble."
- local fisherman


The "Elfleda", a lovely vessel recently commissioned by Lord Rolf to sail westward on an exploratory mission, had been stocked with almost two month's worth of supplies. It's small crew, along with the band of adventurers, had set sail just 3 days ago and were mostly in high spirits. The wind favored them and the first leg of this journey was expected to be easy. They were headed to Avery's Isle, so named for Queen Avery almost 20 years ago. Already it was visible in the distance and they should be there within a few hours time.

The large island had a small permanent population, made up mostly of poor folk who had jumped at the chance to have a plot of land to themselves. And while it was under Lord Rolf's dominion, Constable Leofwine Botwright was the local authority. A perfect place to replenish the supplies used over the last few days plus deliver Lord Rolf's quarterly missive to the Constable.

After that, the "real" adventure would begin as the Elfleda would be continuing westward, hoping to discover more islands filled with either fertile soil or lost riches just waiting to be claimed.

this would be perfect for my tribal elunaria.

Alavara stood at the bow of the ship, staring with anticipant eyes at Avery Isle, slowly approaching in the distance. The three day journey had been a relatively easy one, but she had become antsy in the wait for landfall. It wasn't so much she disliked traveling by sea, it was much more of the anticipation of the adventure she was hoping to find out here that sat her at only the edge of her seat. Just getting onto the ship was an adventure, really. Not in the literal sense, more in the fatherly sense.

"No Yllatris daughter at any place in birthright will be sauntering through the ocean like some lost peasant looking for a home!" he had shouted at her. His anger at even the idea of her leaving was reflected by the frustration she had felt at such a lack of control over her own life. She had three older siblings, two brothers and a sister.

"What place would I have here, father? Will you have me waste away these abilities lighting only candles with my magic for all of my days?" The shouted response had been terribly inappropriate for even a noble daughter to fire back at him with. That day ended in only argument between the two of them and it was nearly a week before she spoke with him again, or rather, he spoke to her. He confessed his fears to her and expressed his regret for letting loose his temper in such an immediate fashion.

"I will permit this....adventure of yours, but there will be conditions," he had stated, struggling to use the word adventure in an way she wouldn't find offensive. "You will report back here in one way or another every year, and you are not going alone." The instruction to bring Theren and Varis had, in fact, come as more of a relief to her than anything. She had known them both for many years, having served as defenders of her family for most of their lives. Even so, the seemingly sudden decision to allow her to go came as a surprise to her, until Varis had explained. Knowing that her mother was the one to truly convince father this was, in fact, a good idea didn't at all surprise her. Mother thought more cautiously than father did, using her mind far more than her emotions like father had.

She smiled slightly, standing at the bow of the ship as she reminesced about the recent victory she had over her father, even if she did unknowingly recieve calvary support in the form of her mother. The breeze wafted her hair slightly and she took a deep breath, enjoying the warm mid-days sun a moment before the interruption.

Varis walked up behind and slightly to the left of Alavara, making slow audible footsteps so as not to surprise her. Upon finishing her breath, she opened her eyes and glanced back to Varis smiling, who took this as an invitation to join her at her side. He fell into line next to her and they both gazed out at Avery's Isle.

"What are you hoping to find out here, Vall?" Varis finally asked, using her childs name as he so often did.

"Nothing," she responded. He turned his head to look at her a bit surprised, "I am hoping something finds me," she finished looking at him smiling. He met her smile and they both looked back to the island. Neither of them payed any mind to Theren, who leaned back onto the side of the ship several feet behind and to the right of them. He had glanced over for the exchanged words, but otherwise continued monitoring the light traffic of any crew he saw moving about the front of the ship.

Edwin was roaming around the ship's bow. He was quite bored and craved for excitement. After all, besides the promise of possible riches, all he really wanted was a good old adventure on the sea.

He was on the island, sharpening a longsword loudly, the noise echoing across the isle. He was one of the few people living on the island, after being shipwrecked there years ago due to an unfortunate encounter that ripped his ship to pieces.

Galiena Reyns stood not too far away from where the three elves were gathered, giving the one closest to her a half smile when her gaze met his briefly. Her face was drawn and pale and she gripped the deck railing firmly, anxious to step foot on land again. She hadn't spoken with them ... or anyone... much yet as she'd spent most of the past 3 days curled in her small bed, trying not to be sick.

Signing up for this journey had seemed like such a good idea a week ago, but she'd questioned the wisdom of that decision each time she'd heaved into a bucket over the last few days. Each time, she'd thought back to the conversation she'd had with Dravis back at the temple and his gentle reminder gave her some sense of peace.

"Ulesh does not wish you to cloister yourself away forever in the temple. You have a gift for healing, Galiena. Go forth and use it to bring glory to Ulesh!"

She had agreed and had jumped on this opportunity to sign on to this journey. It was unfortunate though, that the healing blessings of Ulesh did not seem to translate into helping to cure seasickness. She had tried.

The island seemed to grow larger by the minute as the Elfleda drew closer, so that the travelers on board could begin to make out shapes of houses and other structures dotted around the bay, as well as a few smaller boats bobbing in the bay.

As another elf passed by her and the cleric tried to strike up a conversation... an attempt to give herself something to think about beside the gentle rocking motion of the ship. "Ever been out here to Avery's Isle before?" she asked

(Left purposely vague which elf so that either of you could respond.)

(I'm just gonna say something. In pretty sure I'm in.)
Josh sits on a barrel full of absloluty nothing, looking at the sky. "Heh. I wonder what I'm gonna find with all these people aboard," he says, looking at all the people on the ship. His shortsword is laying in its sheath next to him.

He looked out at the horizon, squinting as he saw a ship draw near. He sheathed his sword and headed to a rudimentary dock, preparing to either welcome the newcomers or battle them.

Henrik Rutherford wrote:
He looked out at the horizon, squinting as he saw a ship draw near. He sheathed his sword and headed to a rudimentary dock, preparing to either welcome the newcomers or battle them.

((You must have missed my post in the other thread, but your character cannot start out on Avery's Isle))


((Could I restart?))

A wisp of a creature was tucked into the nook of the ship's stairwell, cold, alone, and watching above and below deck at the people around her while trying to not upset them too much.
She thought getting away on a voyage would bring her the freedom she needed...only!
Bethany regretted so few decisions in life, but even as she accidently painted the stair with chunks of the few foodstuffs she'd brought along...she was trying to be relieved. Yes, she hated this boat almost as much as she hated sport hunters, and in a wild frenzy she'd love to burn the damn thing into the cold watery grave...she couldn't simply swim to the nearest land.

She froze when a deckhand muttered about the vomit in the stairs and her terrified green eyes were racked with guilt..but when the man drunkenly slipped down the stairs and landed in the bile..he too threw up...he smelled drunk even through the oder, and as he staggered on, Bethany watched him leave.

He came back shortly with a mop and a rag, and noticed the small girl curled in a ball..his one good eye stared quizzically at her..and he stepped closer, making Bethany bury herself further among her limbs, shadows, and wooden boards in a nervous panic, but all he did was offer her the rag. "M'lady, may I ask you to tend to your own..expulsions." He groaned in an odd way to Bethany.

She took the rag, and eventually she found herself cleaning alongside the man with the mop. He later brought an empty bowl and asked if she could cook, they would dock soon and needed the meal to be ready for the men topside.
She couldn't give clear reply, but followed him to a kitchen on board that, despite the dark air, it looked rather comfy..the shadows and smells made her think of being home in the woods, cooking a meal..why did she smell f-
A heavy thud of a giant tuna crashed on a table as a burly woman delivered the poor writhing creature. She spoke in what must of been the common tongue and Bethany suddenly realized the man with the mop spoke Swedish, but now he had vanished..leaving her alone in this kitchen with the biggest fish she'd ever seen. The chef barked something in another tongue and pointed at a few pots, a bucket, and a rack of knives..
She got the message and grimly got to work, loud cracks and pops of bones being pulled out along with the wet slaps as she filled various pots with fish meat and guts while blood pissed down in a bucket below the table.

It took her mind off things, and she stopped feeling ill as she found herself in an odd comfort staying busy as a butcher, dressed like a ranger from the forests.

Theren stood upright, pulling himself off the leaning position on the side if the ship. Seeing the houses now approaching so quickly he decided to take one last patrol of the vessel before rejoining Varis and Alavara for landfall. He walked to his left, meeting the gaze of a human girl who had shyly smiled at him earlier. She looked only slightly green from what he could tell, and as he maintained the eye contact with her, she spoke to him.

"No," Theren responded to her question, "it is not often I have ventured this far from the Yllatris family estate at all in fact." As he spoke he stopped, settling in front of her and making a quick analysis. Her hair offered the suggestion she was older than she looked, something he found strangely offputting as he could not quite pinpoint where she would land in scale to any other humans. The beauty and lack of wrinkles told him she likely was younger than he would guess. Humans rarely aged as gracefully as his own kind and surely here was not where he'd find an exception to this rule.

He returned to leaning, taking up a position right next to the girl. This was as much to initiate conversation as it was to dodge a possible incoming projectile should the seemingly sick girl lose what he was guessing was an internal battle with the waves.

"What of you?" He asked, intentionally avoiding the subject of sea sickness, "will this be your first time?"

Josh got up, picked up his sword, and went to the lower floor of the ship, passing by the girl with a rag and man with a mop, but not giving either of them a look.

"Curse you, sun, for taking me beyond land's end."

The armored warrior muttered this to himself as he squinted out at the western horizon, deepening the crow's feet that creased the corners of his eyes. He sat on deck with his back pressed against the mast. But as the Elfleda approached Avery's Isle and prepared for anchoring, his spot became the center of quite a bit of hustle and bustle, forcing him to rise and creep aimlessly across the deck. He didn't go all the way to the grabrail, not wanting to gaze down into the rolling waves and possibly lose his lunch.

He wasn't the sort of character one would expect to see on a ship. He wore armor and a heavy shield strapped across his back. The wind pulled strands of his blond hair free from his topknot so they could play. He eyed the gathering of highborn elves curiously, but didn't yet approach.

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