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I absolutely love TellTale's The Walking Dead game series and I'm super sad about them going bankrupt. so in memory and in tribute to our lovely little bunny Clementine and her badass boy AJ, and everything Kenny, Jane, Lee, Omid, Christa, Bonnie, Like and many more have suffered, we are going to rewrite our ow story. Our own ending.

Because I love telltale so much, you'll probably see if you're also a fan that I will probably end up dropping in little references and Easter eggs from the game.

It's gonna be set in England btw because that's fun and I live there l o l

If Sarah was going to be honest, she has no clue where she was. She knows little about the outburst of infected this past month and has seen it spread to friends and family within the blink of an eye. She had watched friends be eaten alive and had almost been eaten herself, by her own father. And while it terrified the soon-to-be 18-year-old to the point where she didn't want to continue, she kept running, kept fighting for her life. On her journey she had come across a small group of survivors who claimed to have been bitten and knew they weren't going to make it. She was going to kill them right then and there, but they pleaded that she took the little boy and small girl that they had with them. She reluctantly agreed, seeing that they hadn't been bitten and weren't infected.

She looked after them for a small while, but it didn't last long. The little girl ended up starving to death after around five weeks without food and turned on them during the night. Since then, it's just been her and little Alvin Junior, who's she's nicknames AJ.

That leads them to now: running through the centre of a rundown London, a group of gang members chasing then and constantly setting off gunfire. Sarah made AJ keep his head down so he didn't have to see; the stench of death was already enough to make both of them puke. Her legs were about to give way below her from running non-stop for at least three hours. She refused to give up and jumped over a pile of rubble, her hair getting in her face.

She was wearing a black tank too which was hanging loosely off of her body due to starvation making her terribly thin. Her slim arms were covered in dirt, muck, blood, bruises and cuts for all to see as she clung to AJ like he would just disappear if she didnt. Her skinny jeans didn't seem all that right anymore and were ripped almost everywhere. All of her clothes were extremely dirty, as well as her face and what was visible of her neck and chest. She was also wearing a decent pair of black trainers.

AJ was wearing a loose pair of children's sweatpants, and a light green t-shirt, even if looked more or so brown now. He was also wearing Sarah's old hoodie which covered most of his body and was way too big on him. That was also dirty, but in slightly better condition than all their other clothes. He was wearing an OK pair of blue trainers which were filthy.

"I need to find a place to hide..." She looked around, managing to spot a small cabin. She made a dash for it. When they entered the house, she shut and locked the doors behind her and set AJ down on the couch. "Hope no one lives here..."

It had been months sense the last of her family had been taken by the infection. And it was by pure luck and smarts echo had managed to survive and also remain safe in her home.

She had baracaded herself in the attic, setting up ziplines all across london so she could get supplies without running into to many of the dead.

She had been alone, scared and on the verge of giving up when she hears noise coming from below, with bated breath she unlatches and lifts the 50 pound door that led down from her attic and with bow drawn slowly walks down and into her living room.

“If your not going to eat me, show yourself” she states, bow still taught as she aims down the sights and waits, ready to shoot if need be.

She heard and stood up, grabbing AJ and holding him close. "I don't want any trouble, ma'am."

The man who had taught her the basics of survival in the early days of the infection had said always to be polite to strangers as to not offend them. If you offend them, you get shot. That's what she knew and what she had experienced before. And now that she had AJ, she couldn't be so reckless. She had a child to raise.

"Please ma'am, don't hurt us. I have a little boy with me: we just need to hide out for a little bit. Please."

She made sure that all of her weapons had been put down on a chair close by, so that the female threatening them could know that she was unarmed and she didn't want to fight or steal. That was the worst thing she knew you could do in a situation like this and, again, she wasn't about to go her herself and her little boy killed.

"I'm not armed. I promise, we don't want or need any trouble."

She gulped, clutching AJ tighter in her arms. He was shaking slightly and looked like he might cry, so she was rocking back and forth and side to side a little to calm him. Last thing she needed was an upset toddler.

As she focused on the faces in the dark she slowly lowers her weapon. “Either of you been bit?” She asks as she eyes them still a bit cautiously and moved to relatch and baracade the door they had entered.

She had survived the infected and raiders so far, she was smart and knee not to trust anyone. She had more than one group try and wiesel there way into her safeguarded hideout and steal from her, she wasn't about to just let her guard down now.

Slowly she circled them, noting the girl wasn't much younger than she was and also that the child was clearly very scared. Sighing she holds the bow down at her side, “you can stay, theres hot running water, and ill fetch you each some clean clothes. You will help me keep this place safe if you stay, and Do NOT make me regret this offer.”

Her words are harsh, yet her eyes are kind and she feels for them both, kneeling she smiles to AJ, “hey there buddy, iam echo, you hungry?” She asks, offering her hand in hopes he will see she isnt going to hurt them.

an I join?

"No, god no we aren't bit. I got shot but that's about it. Well, aside from all this." She looked to her arms, covered in dry blood and scratched open pretty deep. "And of course we- well, I'll help keep the place safe. Can't expect something for nothing."

AJ looked sat Echo with curious eyes. He had dark skin and short, curly black hair, and bright green eyes. He clearly wasn't Sarah's own child. After a moment, he giggled and stuck out both his hands, grabbing Echo's hand with his small ones with a smile.

Sarah smiled a little, still holding onto him. She was clearly not big on the whole trust thing either, but She knew that if AJ had any chance of not starving to death, she'd have to agree to what this woman said so he's her food and a better place to sleep than on the floor. "His names AJ. Short for Alvin Junior. I'm Sarah. Sarah Whit."

((Yeah Luna))

Luna was breathing heavily. She wanted to give up and let the infected eat her but then she remembered the promise she made her brother before he turned into an infected. She kept running till she saw a house. She ran and pulled on the door it was locked. I knocked on the door hoping someone would answer the door. I stood their while the infected got closer and closer.

She nods, “ok sarah, bathroom and medkit is upstairs. You will find towels and everything you need, if you need help dressing your wounds ill help. We stay in the attic unless we need to come down ok? Theres beds, food and a bathroom up there as well. Im gunna take AJ get him some food and a bath, then ill get fresh clothes for you both.” With that she scopped up the small child and moved to head for the stairs, untill she hurd a knock.

“Sarah! Arm up, AJ you go upstairs ok buddy? Sarah and i will be right there.” She says, setting the small child down upon the bottom steps and unhitching her bow from her belt before notching an arrow and slowly moving to the door, “you gunna eat us? Been bit?” She asks, loud enough for whomever was out there to hear her.

Sarah was quick to grab her gun. When she saw that AJ refused to go upstairs, she crouched in front of him. "You need to go upstairs, buddy." AJ shook his head and folded his arms before pointing with a scared expression.

"Safe?" He said worriedly, and Sarah nodded. "Safe. I'll be up soon, okay buddy?"

He nodded and quickly ran up the stars, prompting Sarah to join by Echo's side with her gun in one hand and her knife in the other.

As AJ climbed the stairs and made it to the attic he would find a small girl, her resemblence to echo uncanny aside from her braided blonde locks. She was no older than three and clung tightly to a rather raggedy stuffed dog.

Somehow echo had saved her baby sister, her name was ellie and she knew not to leave the attic or her bed. The place was set up like a survival bunker, and there were bunkbeds as well as two toddler beds set up next to eachother. One was where ellie sat scared and unmoving.

AJ walked over to the bed with a curious look, smiling. He poked her lightly as to not hurt her.

He offered a kind smile as he began to climb up into the toddler bed with her. "Hi!" AJ giggled, careful not to be too loud or come off as too frightening. AJ didn't look kuch older, maybe five, six at most. "I'm Alvin!"

Ellie- she wines and backs away a bit, a thumb in her mouth as echo had taken her suckers. “Elliew” She fumbles over the words, she had been born about a year or so before the infection started and had been in echo’s care sense she was born. Her speach was limited mainly due to fear and stress. She scoots closer to the boy and offers him the dog, showing him her toy.

“Dis rscuffy” She manages, more babble than not, she smiles though and points to the bed beside her’s. It was clearly ment for a boy and had some toy trucks and a stuffed dinosaur set upon it.

AJ poked her toy. "He nice." He giggled. He then looked to the bed she was pointing at and let out a small gasp, climbing off of hers and climbing onto the other one. He grabbed the dinosaur excitedly. "Dino! DIno! DIino!"

He giggled again, holding up the stuffed dinosaur in his small hands.

Ellie- she giggled and cuddled the dog before smiling at Aj, “yup dino A..alwiens” she tried hard to say his name, and hoped he understood. In all actuality the boys things and bed wouldve been her twin brothers but he passed away at birth and well echo saw no reason to set both beds up..never knew who would come along.

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