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Not colored yet, but wanted to show this before I wrecked it with color :P

I drew Adelia and decided to put 10 delivery angels around her. I just have one question...

How big are Archangel wings?!

Don't ask how the hat fits the angel on top of Adelia. It is actually Adelia's hat, but after a few attempts, I gave up on making it look too big.

Cute? Weird? God help me...

I was laughing the entire time I did this.

I love it! Very creative. And about the wings, just use your imagination! :)

I have them in a scene now. Just scared to color it.

Angel wings can be any size, and can vary on the style.

Personally for me, I like to make my angel wings quite big, and are able to completely wrap around the character itself. This is also how a lot of people do chibis- the wings on them tend to be a little smaller than the character. However, it's completely up to you and what you think looks good :)

I tend to do the designs, or at least try to, by rank. Higher ranking angels are larger with larger, more powerful wings. However, some have more narrower wings, sometimes based on their jobs.


Adelia's wings are large, but narrow, making them good for speed and sudden attacks, but not for stamina/ long distant flight. She is meant to scare, not fight in a war.

Micheal's wings are broad, making them good for stamina/long distant flight as well as long term fighting. He is meant to fight in a war.

A delivery angel's wings are smaller than most, but are designed for speed and stamina, allowing them to do their jobs for hours without tiring. They are able to outpace most of the angel ranks.

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Forums > Art & Creativity > Just gonna put this here...