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If anyone ever told you, that war never changes...they were wrong...war...war moment everyone with a plot of land is a super power, and one moment we all have nukes, and we can all destroy each other with a press of a button. Technology fought for man, bullets and guns made killing easy and without remorse. But what happens when you press that button. What happens when technology fights to much. What happens when you ignore the warnings, for a selfish short term goal. You create a new war. A war of people coping with a post nuclear devastated world, a war where people have lost their guns, and beat each other with planks of wood and rocks. A war were you are fighting to simply see another sunrise. Most of us did not live in the world that our parents talked about...our world is this. The apocalypse, some call it, home, is what others know it as. We kill, we pillage, we suffer, we may do good here and there, but no good will bring the grass back. We dont do this because we want to. But Because we have to.

Welcome to the apocalypse. You didnt want it, but its here either way now. Where we are from is the east coast of America, arguably the hardest hit place after the flash that brought us here. To the north, near what was new york is a constant nuclear winter, and to the south, a wasteland desert. All major cities are no more, most towns and cities are settlements of a different name. But here on the east coast we are starting to have a problem...a band of, more like a cult is rising up. Few things survived the flash...not many relics of a bygone era are left. But out of no where people started finding these strange disk...with these pleasant sounding songs on them. After doing some research and asking some elders, we found out they are called CD's, 8-tracks, cassette tapes....there are many different forms, but they all do the same thing, play music. We thought they where just thought, a harmless distraction and nice melodies...but these cults dont think that. No, they are treating these things like they are are holy artifacts...used to translate messages from gods...its insane. These twisted leaders of each faction took these songs out of context, and bent the lyrics to suit their views, and to gain traction for people to join their cause. So far, there are four we are dealing with. The first is The Clear Credence. They are the least harmless of the cults, they want to spread their music and peacefully bring people into their cause...however their generosity doesn't extend far...if you dare insult their holy song, Fortunate son, they will be prompted to kill you on sight. Another cult is The Dark Side of The Moon. Again...mostly harmless...if you dont kind their drug and slave trafficking. The leader of the cult uses this drug called Comfortably Numb, aptly named after the song he found on his Pink Floyd album, which hijacks the users mind and makes them obedient to his every word. All of the people surrounding him are mindless drones doing his bidding...and frankly it is sick to think what he does with them. The third, and most violent Cult, is the War Pigs. This Cult worships this band called Black Sabbath, and beleive that through constant battle and blood shed, they will get a ride on the Crazy Train when they die...sounds stupid, but a lot of people follow this. If you see anyone with the War pigs...kill them on sight, because they will do the same to you. And last but not least you have BlackBird. This Cult is the one that started this mess....before them these people where all unorganized and just ran around like a bunch of damn fools...but one morning the leader of the BlackBirds, a man that calls himself Prudence, found himself an album made by The Beatles. In this album he heard the song Heleter Skeleter, and Come Together. Prudence thought the song Heleter Skeleter was a prophesy, that those that believe in the holy words of the music, will be going to war with all who appose them, and that all these cults should Come Together, and purge the world of its sin, and then the world would be brought back to its former glory.

You may be wondering where I am going with all this babble...I want your help. Look I know you are not the best or kindness person one is and we dont expect anyone to be. But you have been around the block, and fought things like this you are our only hope. The world is already a terrible place, but maybe you can make it just a little bit better by putting a dent in these raiders. And trust me...there will be a reward. So what do ya say? Are you just going to walk away from this, or will you try to show the world there are still heros?

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