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Gasps* yay!!! * she does a backflip excitedly then hugs him*

Hearing the ringmaster say he wanted to see her dance, she quickly asked a stagehand to find the ringmasters daughter so that she could fit the outfit to her. AS she closed the door, she searched for one of her own outfits but quickly decided on one of the ones she created not too long ago. As she turned on the music for the song she wanted to, she began to warm up lacing up her pointe shoes, she was extremely good with acro dance, ballet, and contemporary but could dance most genre well. She was going to show the ringmaster, her skill in all of her top three in one dance.

Eve decide to practice it was her first performance ever*

he puts sienna in charge of dancing. which was his daughter job. hearing what happened she went and packed her bag got ready to leave. she put a ugly dress on and took her weapons with her and was going to find a new circus to work for.

Ringmaster where are you going * Eve saw him packing up to leave and teared up*

(( oops wrong thing lol))

* practices *

smiles and watchs and claps and looked happy. " you have improved!"

Smiles * thankyou

(( this is what she does

he cheers for both of them. and picks up eve and gives her a new dress. but while this goes on elune on her bed crying and has hidden her bag. she writes a letter to a different circus and waits for there reply.

She twirls * yay I can't wait * changes into costume *

(( she does that on te trapeze))

smiles and watch eve and smiles and goes to room to relax running this place was not easy.

She sees the crowed start to come as hides under the clothed table scared *

dymas looked at eve. " you ok? you will do well. your amazing"

I'm to scared ringmaster

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