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Walking along the edge of the woods, I sigh. Mother told me not to go look for trouble, but that´s all that I´ve ever wanted.

Dark, it's always so dark and cold in this cave. I can't do anything besides think of my sons and daughters.

I walk towards an opening near the ground, which seems to be some sort of entrance. I doubt whether to go in or stay where I am safe.

I think I'm going crazy. I hear some footsteps not so far away. Should I go and investigate?

I'm going out there

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After thinking long and hard, I see in front of me a woman with an odd appearance.
"Who the fudge are you?"

It is hard to climb, but the sunlight makes me try harder than ever. After a Fer minutes, I am standing in front of a girl, she looks sweet. That is until she opens her mouth.

"I should be asking that" She doesn't look happy with my answer

I frown, and speak as authoritary as I can.

"I asked first"

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While talking, I squeak. The woman is not frightened.

I ask what is she. She sounded like nothing I've ever heard before

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"So, what are you?

"I am al Elve from the Ygriha Mountains and Heir of the Bluter House"
I say, with a bow, trying to compensate for the high noise I had made before.

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Forums > Fantasy Roleplay Forum > Elorians RP