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I see I have the option to create folders at my inbox, how exactly do they work?

If I move a pm to a folder, do I get a notification when said pm is updated? What does it looks like? Does the pm move back to the inbox when a new reply is given or it stays in the folder forever?

I have a couple RPs on hiatus that I would like to move to a separate folder but I'm afraid I won't get notifications when the partners come back to life and the will end up missing the whole thing altogether.

They'll stay in the folder and you'll get a notification when they reply again.

I have my rps divided in 3 different folders based on reply frequency. So, no worries about not being aware when they reply. :)

It'll be same notification you get now but there will be a number next to the folder name!

Why did I not realize this before? I have now managed to organise my RP threads in its own folder and have the OOC/chats in the inbox. I'm so disorganised.

If it helps I have mine disorganized because I didn’t know how to create a folder

The PM will permenantly stay in that folder until it is moved out. You will get a notification, and it will say "X messages in this chat" in bold black writing next to a folder. It's pretty handy, and has helped me keep my inbox organised.

How Mine are Set Out


Thank you kindly everybody!

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Forums > Help > Inbox folders