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Forums > Looking for RP > Another fluffy romance.

I haven't been using V here as much recently, so I'd like to introduce her back into my roleplaying world with a fluffy RP.

I was thinking it could be just after her mother is convicted and sent to prison, and she's going through a wave of depression. (She needs all ze cuddles)? I'm open to other ideas too, just as of now I can't think of much else to fit in with her profile

✓Smut is not preffered
✓Try not to do one liners!
✓M x F
✓Will do F x F If your character is more dominant


Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

Moderators: Cass, Copper_Dragon, SeraphicStar, Ben, Darth_Angelus

Forums > Looking for RP > Another fluffy romance.