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Do you see the little girl standing in a ring?
Her feet are trapped, her hands bound, and oh the fey do sing.

2c3955c84af36eac7f012502865ec30b.jpgMaebh has only recently gained the Sight. Now overwhelmed by the fey world and how it bleeds into ours. Feys tormenting her, visions of the future that haunt her dreams. There is no rest, and it wears away at her like wood under sand paper; gradually but eventual. She sleeps little, eats less, and fears the world with new eyes. Visions of death, of magic, and of danger. Fey that whisper sweet nothings and try to kidnap her away. The worlds bleed together, and with no others who can see as she does, Maebh is not sure if she is mad or blessed. Can you help ease her way? Or make it worse?

A Student
Maebh is an English professor at a university in Dublin, ironically with a focus in faery tales. Despite the struggles with the fey, she still goes into the university to teach her classes before returning quickly home. A student could notice the change in her. Her appearance for one: now thin to the bone and her blue irises gone. A change in behaviour as well, and the way she watches things that are not there. Do you reach out to the professor? Do you realize what it is that plagues her as you read more of the books she has on fey?

A Stranger
It would be an odd thing to see. This strange woman, breaking down in an alleyway as she yells at nothing. Her eye moving fast, and her hair and skirts being tugged at on their own. Being dragged by an unseen force into the woods. Is she mad? Are you mad? Its hard to say if you do not ask.

A Hunter
Hunting faeries is a challenge. They steal away young, destroy crops, and are impossible to see without aid. And now you have heard rumours of a girl with the Sight. Being haunted and hunted by the fey, tormented by a world she cannot understand. Her aid could be invaluable in stopping the fey, and she is in need of aid herself. Do you go to help her, teach her how to live with the Sight? Or use her for your own goals to lower the fey population.

The Fey You had only heard rumours of humans born with the Sight, and now you have finally met one. The white eyes were the first give away, that and she could see you. Following your form with fear and amazement. Course, not all Fey are kind nor are all evil. Simply the crueler of the species finds it fit to torment her existence. Do you once more help her? Harm her? Or take her away to the Feywilds were she belongs?


i love these ideas! I actually have a sprite that I think could fit in pretty well with a little tweaking to her!

This sounds could I am intressed

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Forums > Looking for RP > A Faery Ring (LF! Fey, Magic, etc)