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The most well known tale of the Fallen Lords was of the War of Ascendence, the battles of which determined the fate of the Risen and their turned brethren; a war that lasted from the mid to late Elden Age. Though the Fallen were cast into their realms, never to manifest themselves on Itara again, their influence was not entirely cut off; portals led the brave and foolish to realms of malice and hatred, cults arose from the mortals scorned by those who walked the Risen Path, weapons and artifacts emerged from the shadows to bestow blessings and curses on all who wielded them, and the armies of each plane were able to utilize the passageways to the mortal world in the name of their masters. Of all the Fallen, however, one has been mentioned more than most, spoken of with most fear and hatred, and most widespread despite attempts to sever his hold; Netharan, First of the Fallen, Last of the Scourged, Lord of Evil, fire and vengeance.

His latest attack on Aitherion’s mastery was the attack of Riverwatch, a small town west of Athelon and a large provider of honey for the Athelonian Reserve; most were taken, bound and chained, while those who resisted were felled without remorse, without shame. Dragged to the fiery depths of the Netherworld, the slaves are forced into difficult tasks, and most die within the first day, either from the pressure of labor or from under the taskmaster’s whip and flail.

The next day, you awaken, chained to the rough wall, a lamb to the slaughter.

Mountain Crown Productions presents, a non-canon roleplay based on the Itarian Chronicles;
Itarian Chronicles; Chains of the Fallen

The rules remain the same, though there are certain exceptions, as this isn’t canon.

You can choose your beginning, though I recommend you stick with mine; not a requirement, though.


Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Looking for 5 other players.


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Forums > Looking for RP > Chains of the Fallen (closed)