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Due to my lease ending, I have to temporarily move back with my mother and her husband. I just want to make some notes on here for my fellow rpers.

I will still attempt to reply to rps, but I may not be able to every single day. I cannot say a time frame for replies, cause it may vary depending on what's going on.

Anyone I do M rated rps with: Due to having to share a room with one of my younger siblings, I may not respond to directly sexual rps. In other words, my character Alexia may not be used for a while. However, I may still respond to ones where sexual is only a part of the story (used to relax someone for example.)

Just wanted to jot this up in case I drop off the radar for a time. I will start being choosy about what rps I do so that I can focus on finding work and a new place.

Thank you for reading. Just easier to drop something here than to write a bunch of Pms.

You should write that on your profile. If this thread doesn't get many replies it will be forgotten and people that RP with you later won't have a clue why you need time to answer.

Unfortunately in the rules it says to avoid AFK topics... Which is what this is. ^^;

As said above, you're better off posting this to each individual RPer or putting it on your profile. A lot of people you Tokelau with may not see this and it will get lost in the forum's.

'Kim wrote:
Avoid AFK topics
Remember that many hundreds of people check these forums every day. Please help us reduce topic clutter by delivering messages meant for a few people directly to those people!

If the primary purpose of your post is to let your RP/chat partners know that you won't be around for awhile, don't post it! Private message your RP/chat partners directly instead, or post a message in your actual RP topics where you can be sure your partners will see it.

Of course, if you are making the post to announce a major life event (getting married, going on a book tour for your first novel, etc.), you're looking for members to meet up with at a convention, you're looking for suggestions for things to do in a certain area, or anything with wider relevance, and there's just a PS that you might also not be on the site, that's a different story.

Be aware that as of August 8th 2015, moderators will delete AFK topics on sight.

Did not know this was not allowed. Sorry about that. Would the mods be willing to delete this post? Thanks

Who needs to read the pinned rules thread?

Usually bolding a statement at the top of your profile is the way to go if you don’t want to pm your co-writers directly.

Roger that.

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Forums > Smalltalk > Warning for Those Whom Rp With Me