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Players aged 16+ are preferred. If you're a year or so younger than that and feel you're more mature than average, we can discuss things, but there will be extra limits set on RP to keep everyone comfortable regarding the age gap.

These are multi-paragraph RPs. If you feel you can't maintain a pace of about 2 paragraphs average per post, these might not be for you. Also, expect long posts from me early on - don't feel obligated to keep up with them and don't expect them to persist throughout; it'd be mostly due to me setting the scene.

Reminders. If we agree to RP and start discussing the scenario in detail and I don't hear back from you for a week, I will drop a reminder. If I send you a starter post (or reply to your starter) and you don't reply back for 3 days, I will drop a reminder. In each case, I will only remind once, as I don't want to be a bother.

I've had a few rough ideas floating around in my head that I'm not sure about going deeper with without confirmation that someone is interested in them. So I've decided to list them here. If you're up for any of them, be sure to drop me a reply.

Some of these ideas might be a bit strange and experimental. Many of them are spur-of-the-moment thoughts and musings.

Unless specifically stated in the summary, romance will not be an option for a given scenario.

The ideas are listed below, divided into the characters I want to use for them:

Ara Caszo

- (Star Wars - Galactic Civil War) Ara is a mechanic working on a planet near the border of the Galactic Empire. Though a member of the Empire since it was the Republic, the planet has for the most part been fairly autonomous. However, the recent election of a Prime Minister under the manifesto of edging the world's policies closer to that of the Empire has led to a shift in the population's mindset. Xenophobia against non-humans has been on the rise, and gangs of thugs have been attacking honest merchants. When Ara becomes the next target of this aggression, he seeks to leave the planet for neutral territory. Though he has his own ship, he is a strict pacifist, and therefore needs help to escape.


- (Supernatural) Whilst out walking, you find what looks like the entrance to ancient now-buried temple. Within is a series of artefacts. As you explore the room, you accidentally touch a strange gem stone. Suddenly, the carved writing within the room now makes sense to you - it speaks of ancient beings used by past civilisations to protect them from evil and drive out demons. These beings are summoned by pieces of magically infused jewellery and require a piece of the summoner's soul in order to form. The shape the beings take depends upon the soul in question, as the guardian summoned forth is essentially an extension of the summoner, with its own thoughts and will. Out of curiosity - and maybe a lack of belief - you find and touch a nearby amulet with your bare hands. There is a bright red flash, and suddenly you are confronted with a strange creature sat before you. Instantly, you feel a kinship with the creature - a bond that makes it feel as familiar as your own arms or legs. And the creature seems to feel the same toward you, as it looks up at you expectantly...

- (Sci-fi slice-of-life/thriller) When a strange object falls from the sky into your character's garden, they take it into their home. At first, it seems to be some sort of physics-defying solid ball of densely-packed energy; but when introduced to electricity, it begins to build a body around itself, perhaps to blend in on a planet of organic life. Even fully-assembled, the being is visually alien, even ignoring its frankly bizarre internal makeup. And when the government find out about it, life becomes a battle to keep it away from the autopsy table. Matters are made worse when aliens come down to reclaim their property.


- (Sci-fi) Success! Scientists (perhaps your character is one of them) have finally managed to produce a self-replicating slime-like substance that can maintain any number of physical shapes. Just when the substance is undergoing further experimentation, readings from scientific equipment go off the charts. Something ancient and powerful has entered the room. As quickly as the readings appear, suddenly they're gone. Then nothing. Until the slime starts moving of its own volition. Drifter has inhabited it.


- (Star Wars - between Ep 1 & 2) Gentle-Heart is an ambassador for an independent star cluster on the outskirts of the galaxy. With the Republic in a state of stagnation, various authorities are seeking to form a separatist confederation led primarily by corporate bodies. With the hopes of coercing independent clusters such as this one to join their movement, the shadowy alliance has resorted to acts of espionage and intrigue. And given the wish of this cluster to remain independent, such tactics are all that are left. With Gentle-Heart in the scopes of political kidnappers and assassins, they are in desperate need of a body guard...


- (Modern, supernatural) Your character is out for a stroll in the woods, when they notice amongst the wildlife a lone red panda. Oddly, the animal looks straight at them... and addresses them in speech.

Hóng (Hybrid form)

- (Cute Modern Sci-fi Slice-of-life) It has been 25 years since a clandestine organisation began experimenting on people and creating experimental beings. Even now, people were still being born with odd mutations as a result of parents being injected with strange solutions without their knowledge and consequently giving birth to altered beings, regardless of the time gap between the two events. A recent discovery and raid of one of the company's labs also resulted in the rescue of beings outright grown there in tanks. As one of the beings born with altered anatomy from human parents, Hóng has always had a sense of connection to other mutants. The 23-year-old is known for volunteering to work with mutant children and teens to improve their life in the face of a hostile media. Currently, he is a piano student who regularly visits the local community centre to offer the skills he has learned to individuals aged 10-20 who are also interested in the instrument for free. At present, he only has one student: a small vat-grown child named Riik. But when your character shows interest, he offers to teach them too.


- (Pokémon) Want to hang out with a confident Scorbunny?


- (Space sci-fi) You've just visited a popular trading station and are making your way to your next destination. Everything seems normal until you realise you're not alone. There is a stowaway aboard your ship...


- (Modern, school) It's the first day of a new school year and amongst familiar faces are a handful of new students. One of them in particuar catches your eye - a boy with features that almost certainly don't look human. The wings sprouting from his back mean only one thing - he's an angel. And he seemed to have noticed you staring...


- (Space sci-fi) You find what appears to be a huge fish-jellyfish-squid-alien hybrid in the ocean of a planet you have been stranded on. Or at least, that's what you think before the creature takes off into the sky and flies to land on the shore near to you. Upon landing, the underside of the creature opens up to reveal an interior oddly designed to accomodate life. This is a living space craft, waiting for a commander to give it purpose.

Vildryn (Naga form)

- (High Fantasy or D&D) Vildryn was once an ordinary dark elf, until making a pact with an otherworldly being with an affinity for serpents at a young age. Now, the kid roams the land, seeking to put an end to any tyranny he comes across. Though his body may have been altered with snake-like features - his arms doubled in number and legs replaced with a purple-scaled tail - his dark powers make him a force to be reckoned with. Will your character try to tame this partial-antihero? Or will they only serve to embolden his darker instincts?


- (Sci-fi) It's an ordinary day in your multi-species society, when you collide with a small furry being. Before anyone can apologise, an anomalous source of energy strikes you both, knocking you out cold for a few minutes. When you come to, you realise you are now sharing a body. How will you handle life in conjoinment?


- (Light-Hearted Horror) Your character and a friend have made their way through a haunted house attraction at a theme park on halloween. Lightning strikes the building as they are entering one of the rooms. For a moment, all is quiet. Thinking it is a part of the show, they continue on, looping back round to the entrance. Once they leave, they find themselves in a different world - where monsters are real. Pain suddenly overtakes their bodies, and after it dissipates, they find themselves changed into monsters themselves! (I can play as any of the following characters: Cysgod, Deril (Naga form), Hóng, Kiro, Inferno, Ellie, Dusk, Chu, Longboi, Jake, Riik, Solas, T'joa or Vildryn (Naga form optional)).

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

Is this still open? I'm interested with roleplaying with Mikael.

Yuna wrote:
Is this still open? I'm interested with roleplaying with Mikael.

Well I mean... ideally I'd rather know a bit more about your character first before accepting... her profile is kinda... empty...

Added some more ideas.

Hey! I'm very interested in roleplaying with Mikael! I have two characters that might make a good fit. Fern is a shy, quiet human who loves animals and nature. Ivy, (I'm still working on her profile) is a devil in hiding who is sarcastic and out going. I think Ivy could make for a very interesting story, but Fern could be just as entertaining! Let me know what you think!

Sage123 wrote:
Hey! I'm very interested in roleplaying with Mikael! I have two characters that might make a good fit. Fern is a shy, quiet human who loves animals and nature. Ivy, (I'm still working on her profile) is a devil in hiding who is sarcastic and out going. I think Ivy could make for a very interesting story, but Fern could be just as entertaining! Let me know what you think!

Hmm... ideally with Mickel, I'd rather use his default background, which isn't a traditional angel, but has angels as a species who share the Earth and were only mistakenly thought to be related to religious things.

But I wouldn't be against a demon being used either, so long as there's an equal level of surprise and/or fascination involved. I find slice-of-life RPs to be quite boring without that kinda thing.

Also, there's the age gap between characters. I don't typically enjoy school-based RPs in the sorta high-school age range. Mostly because without all the childish antics, school is kinda boring to RP and I'm not interested in things like romance that typically dominate plots in that sort of setting. Basically, RPing trying to play Tag with someone who can fly is more fun than discussing who has a crush on whom. So for this specific scenario, I'd have to ask if you wouldn't mind playing your character of choice at an age closer to Mickel's.

I'm interested in rping with Mikael, I can use Flynn but bump his age down some. Hes a demon so this would be funny.

Tink wrote:
I'm interested in rping with Mikael, I can use Flynn but bump his age down some. Hes a demon so this would be funny.

Hmm... maybe. He'd have to be without his dagger though to fit with the grade school setting. Also, I don't know how powerful your character is meant to be, but his profile mentions demi-god relations, so I just want to point out that I don't really want the RP to involve any overpoweredness. Basically, any ability should be weak enough that the teachers should be able to retain some semblance of control. Mickel himself basically only has human-level ability, aside from the ability to fly (and the speed at which he can do so).

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