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What's the difference between cisgender male and cisgender man? I've never heard of there being a difference (only just found out what cis meant yesterday). Can someone (politely) explain?


Near as I can figure, those two terms means the same thing. Maybe it's just there in case someone prefers one word over the other. Male and female sound kind of clinical. Idk.

But then again, I AM old enough to use the term, "near as I can figure," so I might not have the most up-to-date answer on this. XD

Yeah, some of the terms mean the same, basically, and folks just prefer one or another for any number of reasons - familiarity, connotations, general sound, etc.

This page should be helpful, though keep in mind that that some individuals hold slightly different meanings; for example, I usually see "transexual" as being considered derogatory, mostly because of negative sentiments that were prevelent when it was more standard.

The difference is personal preference and what makes a person most comfortable to be referred to as. That's all. :)

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Forums > Help > Gender Confusion (Characters)