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: Kira was walking down the alleyway near her school. A pile of books in one arm, cradling them against her hip. Her other hand was busy fiddling with a scythe charm attached to her bag, her fingers caressing the blade shape of it over and over. She Looked up towards the sky in deep thought about how it was the first day and she was already attracting trouble

- EARLIER TODAY – A group of girls walked up to her as she was sitting under a tree in the courtyard. The girls lashed insults at her but honestly it was all white noise. Easily tuned out until one of the girls touched her. First shoving her and then grabbing her shoulder. That’s when Kira took the girl’s arm and twisting it up against her back until she cried. A crowd gathered, screaming “fight! fight! fight!” Kira Ignored the crowd, her focus on her whimpering victim, she leaned in and whispered something into the girl’s ear, completely inaudible to everyone around them and then threw the girl to the ground, glancing down at her coldly, before walking away. Off in the distance, she heard one of the Narks (school supervisors) blow their whistle and run towards the crowd but Kira was saved by the bell and the crowd of dispersing students helped shield her departure. She was sure she’ll be called in tomorrow but for now, she’ll just enjoy the silence, besides she didn’t live on campus, Only a short distance from the school itself.

Now she was in the alley and it didn’t take very long for that same group of girls to come up from behind her. The girl from the confrontation earlier was lingering behind, holding her arm and was pleading to the other girls “Just drop it! I’m Fine...” A taller girl in the group was snarling back at her “No! This little bitch needs to be put in her place...” The girls jumped Kira and Kira’s books went flying, luckily one of the sharp corners of her large history book hit a girl on the bridge of her nose and blood started gushing down their face. Kira was punched in the back of the head and stomach, causing her to fall down to the ground where she was kicked repeatedly. Until Kira pulled out a pencil that was hidden in her sleeve and jabbed it into the taller girl’s leg and snapped it off. The girl screamed and they all backed away in horror. They quickly grabbed their hurt friends and quickly walked them down the alley to whatever medical facility was nearby and Kira was laying there in the middle of the alley, looking up at the sky. A busted lip and a black eye. Dirty shoe prints all over her clothing and a pounding, ringing in her head that just wouldn’t stop. She was just going to lay there a little while until she found the will to get up:::

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((I’m intrigued; is this still active?))

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Walking through an alley, the strong smell of gasoline and trash in the air, he had decided to take a shortcut back to school. He knew the city like the back of his hand, and after heading to the Shopping District for a day off from school, he wanted to find his way back. You had to be careful in alleys like this, for if you weren’t, you could get mugged at knife point or jumped. There had been a big commotion in the Yard earlier this morning and rumors spread fast, something about some girl losing her cool and nearly snapping another’s arm. Sheesh, he didn’t want to mess with her. Whenever something big like that happened, the Campus was abuzz and he wanted no part in it. Turning a corner, something laying on the ground, looking broken, had caught his eye. Walking over cautiously, he poked it with the toe of his shoe gently. Not seeing any movement, he circled around it, not taking his eyes off the body for a second. Recoiling, he saw that it was a girl around his age with a bloody lip and black and blue eye. Taking a breath, he told himself that this girl needed help and he was going to offer it. Sitting her up, he moved the girl over to the wall of the alley and waited for her to come to.

Climbing out a window and down the fire escape was Lemons normal exit from her apartment as she had a tendency to lose her keys every other day. This method kept her doors locked while still allowing her a way in and out. As she made her way down the escape all she could think about was the yummy noodles from the stand on the corner. However, at the bottom she found a boy huddled over a beaten up girl. Lemon gets into a fighting pose and shouts "WHAT IN GODS GREEN EARTH DID YOU DO" she slowly tries to get a glimpse of the hurt girl, as Lemon did she realized she knew the girl. The girl was the weirdo who broke someone's arm at school. "GUYS LIKE YOU MAKE ME SICK! SHE MAY BE A FREAK BUT SHE DOESNT DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS." she steps forward swinging her foot toward the head of the boy.

Brady ducked and stood up, alarmed, raising his palms for her to see them empty. “Hey! I’m not trying to hurt her! I found her like this, I was trying to help. It isn’t what it looks like.” His voice was hurried, trying to get it all out before she launched another attack at him, but his voice steadied as he said the last sentence, putting his hands down. “I wasn’t sure what to do with her, take her to the hospital or wait until she wakes up.”

Lemon slowly lowered he hands and bent down to inspect the girl’s face closer. Then pondered for a moment that if they took her to the hospital it could spiral out of control quickly. So it a long sigh and a longing look at the noodle cart she says “ I have a med kit in my apartment. You can carry her up door 506” with that she stood up and started to climb back up the fire escape

Brady knelt down, grunting with the effort and picked the girl up. She was surprisingly lighter than he expected. "I'll meet you
there." He nodded to the other girl, exiting the alley and walking around the side of the building to enter the apartment
building. The lobby seemed a little shabby, the paint beginning to peel towards the ceiling. Walking up the stairs with the girl
cradled in his arms, he looked down. Minus the busted lip and black eye, she looked like she was sleeping. He got to the
apartment where the girl said she would meet, he kicked at the door as a substitute for knocking.

She opened the door slowly letting the boy in. Her apartment felt like the size of a shoe box. The style was very simple and sleek she has a loft/desk bed and a small sitting area. Lemon had laid a few blankets in the corner on the floor. "You can lay her down there and I'll look her over." She watches the boy closely as he holds the girl, slowly she sizes up every inch of him trying to figure out his motives. finally, she breaks the silence " so, what's your name, you in school?"

Brady took his hood off, his wolf ears perking up. Running a hand through his hair, he looked up at the girl. “My name is Brady Flint, and yeah. I’m in school.” He said simply. She seemed a little intimidating to be honest, and he wouldn’t let her guard down around her. She’d already thrown a kick towards his head, luckily though, he was quick enough to dodge it. If she was going to be suspicious of him and interrogate him, he’d play that game.

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