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I am looking for another partner since I only have one rp going on and I'm in need for more. I love to type paragraphs so don't be hesitant when you're afraid that I'm a one liner. I put tons/some (of) details into my work with a lot of thought and time - you should do the same. I will not accept one liner partners and will definitely delete the rp if you ignore my dislikes considering the things that trigger my stress and anxiety.

-One Line Replies
-Accept One Liner Partners
-Roleplay as more than 3 characters in an rp
-Come online a whole lot but I do come online enough to respond at least 3 times a day
-Respond quickly (considering my paragraph(s) responses)
-Accept disrespectful people
-Medieval RP

-Supernatual RP
-Fantasy RP
-Mystery/Horror RP
-Romance Mixed RP (No more than a make out or kisses)

Comment to let me know if you're interested. Please don't PM because I don't have the patience to read everyone's requests at once.

See you soon.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred. Looking for 3 other players.

Hey, I'm up for something!
If any of my characters interest you, I'd love to plan something out. ^_^

Hey, I’d be down for a RP if you’re interested and still looking?

DarkandLight wrote:
Hey, I’d be down for a RP if you’re interested and still looking?

Indeed I am. :3


mericosine wrote:
Hey! Got a slot for one more? :3

Of course! Come on in~

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Forums > Looking for RP > Interested? :3