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Liara was asleep in an old fort that sat near a huge cave system. The fort was old and abandoned from an ancient war. During the dream, she saw herself on a throne with many reptilian monsters around the room but, unlike other monsters like trolls or goblins, these seemed to not move against her and she felt safe.

Reality was more cruel than her dream, the kingdom of the seven isles had rulers that saw the peasants as tools and servants. The fact was that she didn't agree with this way of thinking and so, the nobles stripped her of the assets and standing she would have had as ruler of the Isle of Firan. Which was going to change, ya see, while she slept, she started to speak a spell that made a variety of eggs that would see her as their creator.

he smiles as sleeps close by to his creater

She moved slightly and felt the egg next to her. She then woke up and looked down, "what the?" She moved to touch the egg and picked it up to find out what prodused it. She wasn't exactly conscious when she made it.

the egg starts to shake as it starts to crack

She watched the egg before putting it down. She stepped back unsure what would come out.

after a bit the egg hatched completey as you see a dragon as i smile looks up at you and nuzzles softly

She looked at it and thought, 'a...dragon? I thought these were myths to explain disaster or greed...but, one hatched in front of my eyes.' She was confused by the little dragon let alone that it acted like it loved her. She thought, 'did I imprint on it like a baby chick following a duck or something?' She slowly put the hatchling down and wasn't exactly sure what to do. It wasn't like she knew why it appeared, she had never seen any monsters or a giant clutch in the fort as long as she lived there.

he looks at her "miss you created me and the others"

She raised an eyebrow, "you talk...and I don't remember laying any eggs...not that humans can lay eggs."

he nuzzles her more ans shows her how she created him and the other reptile eggs "you have powers miss thats how"

She said, "I did that in my sleep? It's not like I knew about it or even if my parents told me before they passed." She clenched a fist still angry about how they were murdered and she was forced into exile since, the blame was pushed onto her.

he nuzzles her softly "miss allow me and the others to help you once they hatch we will have an army"

She said, "alright but, you guys will have to grow big and strong before that can happen." She didn't know if they would even know her past or what was happening. She then put a hand gently on his head, "and you can call me Liara."

he smiles ans nuzzles her more "as you wish liara"

She said, "I think I should probably go hunting for some food."

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Forums > Fantasy Roleplay Forum > I created what? Reptilian monsters wanted