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Would anyone like to rp with me? I have a few plots down below you can choose from. I try to write as much as I can. I'm not very picky when it comes to grammar and such. As long as I can understand you, it's fine. I'm also very understanding, so please don't hesitate to say anything. Feel free to pm me if interested. I may add more plots as I come up with them.

1). A Tainted Heart
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Setting: Medieval
Pairings: GxB, GxG, BxB
Roles: Muse A- Human!Princess/Prince
Muse B- Vampire!Princess/Prince
Muse C- Rival (Optional)
For as long as anyone could remember, war and turmoil was the relationship of two neighboring kingdoms. One was ruled by humans, Alteria. The other was ruled by vampires, Delmor. Muse A was the Prince/Princess of Alteria. They were kind and caring, always ready to do what was in the best interest of their kingdom. Muse B was the Prince/Princess of Delmor. Unlike Muse A, Muse B was cruel and often got their way all the time. They could care less that their kingdom was in ruins from the war. Soon, both sides got tired of fighting. Alteria proposed that after years of war, they should come together. By doing this, the economy will strengthen and poverty will decrease. Delmor agrees to this but only on one condition. A marriage will be arranged between the two.
Muse A, although they were a bit sad that they wouldn't be able to pick whom they were going to marry, knew it was best for the kingdom. They try to go into it will an open mind. Muse B on the other hand, was pissed. They had no interest in marriage or any of that. Not only that, they found humans repulsive, only good for their blood.
The day was set for the wedding. A week prior, Muse A was sent to Delmor to learn more and spend some time with their fiancé. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

2). A Vengeful Adventure
Genre: Adventure, Romance, Fantasy
Setting: Medieval
Pairings: BxG, GxG, BxB
Roles: Muse A- Adventurer
Muse B- Apprentice of Knowledgeable Scholar
Muse C- Demon
After the death of their parents, Muse A sworn to get revenge on whoever committed the crime. The problem was, there was no evidence as to who or what did it. They spent many years exploring places and talking to people to gain information.
One day, news reaches them about a very intelligent individual who knew a grand amount of information. Hoping that these rumors were true, Muse A sets out to find him. When they get there, a sweet looking person, known as Muse B, answers the door. Muse A learns that Muse B was an apprentice for the man they were looking for.
Muse A learns a little information about the demon called Muse C. He suspected that they were the creature that killed his parents. Deciding that this would be a good experience for his young apprentice, the wise scholar sends Muse B with Muse A on the quest to find and kill Muse C.

3). Out at Sea
Genre: Adventure, Romance,
Setting: 1800's Britain
Pairings: BxG,
Roles: Muse A- Pirate Captain
Muse B- Noble Girl
Muse C- Suitor
Muse A is the most feared pirate in the world. When he sees something he wants, he takes it. He is selfish and can be cruel at times. He does however, treat his crew and those close to him with respect.
Muse B is a noble girl who is trying to live up to the expectations of her parents. She is soon to be married off to another family that lives in France. Muse about travels there by boat to learn more about Muse C, the man she was supposed to marry.
However along the way, her ship gets attacked by Muse A and his crew. Muse A sees her and orders one of his crew members to kidnap her. Unable to escape their grasp, Muse B gets taken and thrown in the bottom of the ship for a while until Muse A comes down and greets her.
Once word gets back to Muse C, he stops at nothing to save his future wife, gathering all the mercenaries he can find, forming his own crew and going after the man that stole his fiance.

4). Forbidden Love
Genre: Romance,
Setting: Medieval
Pairings: BxG, GxG, BxB
Roles: Muse A- Prince/Princess
Muse B- Knight
Muse C- Suitor (Optional)
Muse A is the Prince/Princess of a prosperous kingdom. Due to being such a successful kingdom, there were many attacks from neighboring kingdoms. After a near death experience when they were 10, Muse A's parents grew extremely overprotective of them.
Muse B was an orphan, their parents killed in one of the attacks. Having no where else to go, they applied to become a knight at the castle. Sensing strong talent and determination, the King allowed them to join the vanguard and tasked them with the most important job, keeping his child safe.
Muse A and B have grown up together in the castle. They became the bestest of friends and have a very close relationship. They both fell in love with each other but knew such a relationship would be frowned down upon so they never confessed their true feelings.
One day Muse A has to travel to another kingdom nearby to meet a potential suitor. They asked that Muse B come along as both protection and support. Muse B agreed happily. The two travel to the kingdom, both secretly hating the path that they were on.
5). A Whole New World
Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Action
Setting: Modern
Pairings: BxG, BxB, GxG
Roles: Muse A- Human
Muse B- Supernatural Creature
Muse A was just a normal teenager. They (insert likes and interests). They were about to turn 18, the age of adulthood. They had some of their life planned out, college, work, whatever it may be.
Muse B is a creature of the night. They aren't bad like people make them out to be. Unlike most members of their species, Muse B is kind and caring, always willing to help others.
On their 18th birthday, Muse A receives a piece of jewelry as a gift. It seems like an ordinary object but after they put it on they start to see what normal people can't, spirits, demons etc... However, this only brings attention to them from unlikely creatures and their life is in danger.
Muse B finds out about Muse A from a few of their friends. They see the danger the human is in and swears to protect them. Soon, the two meet. Will Muse A trust the creature and become friends? Or will Muse A think that Muse B is just trying to trick them?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.

Heya. Love all of your ideas but I think number 4 is the most interesting. Do you mind if I use my character triston. If so pm me

Ooh! Plot 1 interests me! I would like to play a princess from Alteria. I would enjoy playing as Thea.

Just pm me if interested!

Uh plot 2 seems a lot of fun chose me i can be a great DAEMON/antagonist if possible i can also play as B if C is not Playble so if possible do pm me if you decide to chose me altough the other 2 seem pretty good too they do look like wonderfull folk so this might be a hard decision

These are all such good ideas its hard to chose, I'd love to play plot 3 if youre still looking for people? I'm such a sucker for pirate stories

They all sound awesome. Are you still searching for any characters? :3

I like A Tainted Heart the best by the way. :3

I'm interested in both 2 and 4!

Hi option 1 interests me though is it OK if I use my character Zera to be the princess? Please pm me if interested

I like both plot 1 and plot 4. Would any of my characters work? If one does, pm me.

This is still open ^^

Hey, I'd be totally up for any of these! All of them seem super cool!

(This reply was an accident plz ignore)

This was posted a few months ago but imma try anyways.
It sounds great! I especially like Plot 4&5. Yet five is the one I’d like to do. I want to use my character Volana/Volkan. They can be different genders depending on the roleplay yet in this one is like to use their original self. There they’d originally be a girl but dresses as a boy for incognito reasons.

|| Hey, this seems to be a little old, but I'm pretty interested in both 1 and 4 if it's still open!

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