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It was a nice, warm evening. Fawn was up in her room arguing with her father, the King of Legion, (( which is the town they are from)) about one of her friends "Rose Bloodstein." Her father's guards caught young Rose stealing her father's crown. Fawn was trying to tell her father that Rose was a great person and that she would never do something like that. Rose and Fawn had been friends since that were little girls. They were now in high school together and were now 17 years old. Fawn's mother had died when she was just five years old. So it was just her and her father for many years. He father, Kaden, had let her friend Rose move in since she had no where to go. Your Character could either be another of their friends who lives in the castle as well or maybe your one of the guards and either you stood up for Rose or your the one who "seen" her "steal" the crown. Pm me if interested!! I look forward to working with someone!!

(bump) still looking

still looking for people to rp with?

Yes I am

i am interested, will i do?

Sure! Just message me

ok so i'm kind of new to this so you just want me to message over the chat or over your profile?

In my message please if you could

Just wondering if you need any other characters.

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Forums > Fantasy Roleplay Forum > Friendship or enemies? Let's find out! (Open)