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This is a 1×1 between SJO and Dealt. Please do not post if you are neither.

It was an average day for SJ. Another crappy day on the streets, trying to pick pocket money or food fromarket anyone who looked the slightest bit wealthy.

Instead of taking her casual female appearance, SJ looked more a dirty male street rat; her chest was flattened by bandages while her hair was hidden behind her hood. A mask covered the bottom half of her face, her hoodie shadowing her eyes. Her jeans gave off the appearance that she was just an abnormally skinny boy, too. But anyone who was observant enough would be able to tell that she was indeed the opposite gender of what she was trying to portray herself to be.

She casually walked beside a public figure who had more than enough wealth to go around. She then stealthily slid her slim hand into his back pocket and managed to snatch a bit of change, though it was hardly any. She huffed a little as she flipped a coin and put it in her satchel.

She closed her bright brown orbs before she reopened them and saw someone else. She didn't really pay attention to they were or how wealthy they were. She just...she needed some money for food. That's all it was..
She let out a sigh as she creeped up behind the man and slipped her hand into one of his pockets.

Dealt was minding his own business. It was a lazy day for him and he was just enjoying a leisurely stroll. The sea captain spent some time inland from time to time. Making sure his holds were up kept by his servants and sometimes it's nice not to be on something firm.

He had been around for a few weeks, noticing this urchin picking pockets from the less observant and he found it amusing. He wanted to catch them at their own game. So he frequented their hunting grounds to try and catch them in the act. The simple things entertained him.

He walked through the crowded streets waiting, training his sense on his prey, then he heard it. The sound of coin on coin. A sound he knew so well. He could tell it was close. He smiled like a madman, excitement welling within him. He listened around the area for movement. They were quiet, but he was ready.

He kept his pace unassuming. Waiting for the slip into his pocket. The slight tug was all he needed, as his prey sprung his trap he casually slipped his hand into his pocket and laced their fingers together. He looked down at his prey and smiled warmly, golden orbs taking in her details.

"Caught you." He said sweetly. He was happily amused after waiting he finally caught her.

She was about to pull her hand out when she saw him move. Before she could move quickly she could feel his hand holding hers and her face paled completely. She seemed to choke on her own air as she froze. She bit her lip as her eyes darkened while also filling with dread and fear. For probably what was going to happen next.

She had never been caught before.

Shit, what was she supposed to do? Run? Pretend like it was nothing?

Her ears, which were under her hood, flattened slightly as her tail curled up around her leg. She looked up at the man she had been caught buy, trying not to let him see any of her face; not even her eyes. Even though by now that had probably failed her and her tactic was useless. She cleared her throat quietly before she gently tried shaking his hand off of hers so she could get away.

She stayed silent through the entire act, knowing her voice would fail if she even tried to utter a single world to him. She wasn't the best when confronted.

Dealt only chuckled slightly when he saw the color leave her face. He gripped her hand tightly and kept her close to him. "Now now. You can stay a while longer, can't you?" He smiled down at her, taking in her features, golden orbs taking in everything she tried to hide. "Hmm thought you were male.." he said silently.

He noticed he was drawing some attention from the guards and he whispered to her. "Listen you don't want trouble and I don't need it so, just play along for now. Ok?" He noticed she was unable to speak. "Nod or shake your head we do not have much time." He had spent some time waiting on her and frankly he wasn't going to let her go that easily.

She gulped as his grip tightened and she eventually gave up trying to remove her hand from his grip. It wasn't working, and she wasn't all that strong. She looked up at him as he spoke the first time, quickly shaking her head. She didn't want to stay, especially now that she had been caught. She needed to get away as far as she could before any attention was drawn.

But she then realised attention had already been drawn. She sighed as she nodded slowly to his question, not trusting him or what he was going to do. What was he going to do? She hadn't the slightest idea.

He smiled down at her. "Perfect!" Then pulled her in close to his side and started walking down the street hand in hand. Smiling and waving to the guards. They seemed at ease for the moment. Although one seemed displeased still.

Dealt noticed they were being followed by a guard and he wasn't too thrilled. She was his prey and frankly he wasn't interested in giving her up. He stopped at different stands with her to 'look' at the items. Pretending to be out on a date with her. The guard didn't seem convinced. Eventually bringing the two to a side street.

Dealt whispered to the little thief. "I know you are scared. But let me handle this. Do not run." His voice was stern. His golden eyes would try and meet her brown orbs to convey his seriousness. He released her hand and turned to the guard. It was only the three of them, off the main street no one seemed to care.

"You seem to have caught a thief there, I would like to take him in." The guard stated. Dealt snickered a bit and threw his hands up in a shrug. "I am out on the town with my newest servant, showing them the area. If he was a thief I would know." The guard glared angrily towards them walking towards Dealt. "I know what I saw and I WILL be taking him in!"

His voice grew more aggressive with each step, and Dealt wasn't having it. He stepped forward and placed a hand on the guard and stared into his very soul. He lifted a side of his cloak to reveal his blade to the guard, but kept it hidden from the guard. "And tell me, what are your plans for the day now?" He smirked a sickeningly sweet grin as the guard went white. "N-n-nothing my lord. Just patrols, sir!"

Dealt gave him a warm smile and a pat. "Then I think it's best you get to it, don't you?" The guard nearly ran out of sight and Dealt kept his blade hidden still from the thief. Turning back to her where he assumed she would still be.

Anytime they 'looked' at the stall, or passed some sort of food stall, she could hear her stomach growl. Damn, when had she last eaten? She couldn't recall. She let out a small sigh as she continued to let him pull her along until they were pulled over.

She gulped as she watched the scene unfold. Her brow furrowed at the last words spoken. His Lord? Lord? Was this man really that important? And if so, why the hell did she have no idea who he was or how important he was?

She continued to watch with a titled head before she realised this was her chance. She let out a small gasp of realisation before she quickly darTed off in a random direction. As she ran her hood fell down, revealing her long brown, yet somewhat messy, hair, and her almost black looking cato ears. Her tail uncooked from around her leg to make it easier to run as she let out a soft breath and continued.

She held her satchel close to her as to not lose any money she had gained. She dared not look behind her just in case him or anybody may be in pursuit.

When Dealt turned around he was unhappy to find that she had disappeared from sight. He was rather angry in fact. He waited for the perfect moment to spring his trap and he let her get away.

He let out a deep sigh and just wandered the streets relying on his luck to bring him back to his thief. He turned and walked around corners looking and paying attention to details seeing if he would spot her again. It wasn't too long until he spotted her dashing into an alley way and began to chase after her.

Using his wind magic he took to the air and passed her from above landing in an alley just ahead of her. Listening to her steps so then he could step out in time to attempt to catch her. When the moment was right he stepped out giving her the smallest window to react possible. "Found you!" He smiled at her and held his arms open to attempt to catch her.

She let out a surprised scream as she attempted to stop and slow down so she could turn around. However, she had built up too much momentum to just top, so she ended up running straight into him and colliding with him. Her ears twitched as she did so, her tail coiling around her leg again.

Upon impact she ended up dropping her satchel, it opending and the coins spilling everywhere on the floor. Her eyes once again darkened and filled with fear as her breathing became shallow. She was in for it now: running away after she had been told not to.

She looked up at him hesitantly, gulping. Her hands clenched into fists as she pressed them against his chest and tried to push herself away from him.

She disliked this encounter even more by the fact that he could now see everything; her gender, eyes, long hair, freckles, her smooth complexion; everything which is exactly what she didn't want.

Dealt smiled down at her taking in all of her features. Finally getting through the outer layers and more into who she was. She was too his liking. He took note of the coins on the ground and started to pick them up for her. Placing each one back in her satchel.

"Sorry for startling you but that scream was worth it! Rather adorable I have to say." He smiled warmly as he picked up the satchel. "I can only assume you would like this back. However I am going to hold onto this for a while, alright?"

He assumed that wouldn't be a happy idea for her so before she could object he stated. "I have been waiting for you for a while, and I heard your stomach earlier. Come with me to eat and I will return your satchel, ok? But if you run away I will keep it." Giving her a small grin. "At least until I find you again!"

He stored the satchel within his cloak and gave his hand to her as a handshake. "I am Dealt. So tell me what you would like to eat and I will pay for it!" He shot her a sincere smile, golden eyes meeting her brown eyes which seemed to get lost in her brown hair, but he wasn't going to lose her again.

She took a few steps backwards as her eyes seemed to tremble in slight fear and confusion. She gulped again as she looked at him, almost in disbelief as he spoke. Adorable? Adorable!? When was the last time she had been called adorable? She guessed when her parents were actually alive.

She stared at his hand blankly as he held it out. What did he want her to do? Shake it? She didn't, her untrusted nature still holding up her defenses. God knows what he could do if she grabbed his hand. What she didn't understand is why he was being sooo....nice? Is that what you'd call it?

She had tried to steal from him, and he obviously had seen her do so from others, so why? That's what she couldn't wrap her head around.

Instead, she pulled her hood back up and tucked her hair back into it while avoiding his gaze. She wasn't about to paask up free food though. "Anything." She muttered quietly. Her throat was dry which made her voice coarse, and yet it still sounded somewhat soft. "I'll eat anything."

"A guarded one eh? That's fine by me, I can understand that. I can only assume you are alone." Retrieving his hand. "It must be hard." He would guide her back to the main street towards the vendors.

"Anything? Hmmm so you don't trust me. Which I understand. But that is fine." He broke off and bought her an apple, passing it to her. "Here, for now." He continued to lead her along. "So you have cat features can I assume you enjoy meat then?"

He brought them to a little restaurant and ordered them some meat to eat. While they waited he tried making conversation. "So I gave you my name, what is yours?"

She kept her gaze down the entire way as she quietly cleared her throat. She looked at the apple he gave her before taking a small bite from it. Her tail seemed to swish automatically at the food, happy to finally be able to eat. She took another small bite moments later as her ears perked up slightly.

"I don't like or dislike anything. Food is food and people don't seem to be able to spare any. Whatever I can get my hands on I'll have." She explained quietly.

When they got to the restaurant she sat down. She crossed her legs so they were up on the seat, and some could argue she still looked like a small child. Her tail wrapped around her left arm as her ears flattened under her hood and her gaze seemed to be glued to table to avoid his.

"I don't know." She muttered. "No one has ever told me what I was called. But the kids at the orphanage always used to call me SJ." She mumbled.

Dealt feigned surprise. "Oh you can speak!" He regained his composure with a laugh. "Well SJ I am sorry for your rough past. But you never know when your luck will turn up."

Their food was delivered and it was a respectable meal, meat and potato halves in gravy. "Since you don't have a preference I can only assume this is acceptable." He began to cut into the food and take a bite. Giving the appearance of someone of some noble refinement.

"So tell me about yourself. I have heard of you, and watched you for a while. I was wondering when I would finally catch you I might add." It dawned on him what that could mean to her. "But rest assured I have no intent on turning you in. It's just one of my amusements."

She kept her gaze down as it was soon glued to the food. Her stomach growled rather loudly BT despite this, she only seemed to poke at it with the fork. As she prodded at the meal she listened to him, her ears flattening further as he mentioned catching her. She seemed to relax when he told her he didn't want to turn her in. Or wasn't going to.

After a moment of hesitation she set her fork down and slowly lowered her hood. When she had it up she knew she could draw a lot of attention because it made her look incredibly suspicious. Her bangs were almost so long that they could cover her eyes, and they did as she looked back down.

The then picked up her fork again and prodded at the food before picking up a knife and cutting it. She then put it in her mouth. Her ears subconsciously perked up at the warmth of it and she held back a noise which she considered to be embarrassing.

"There's not much to say." She mumbled, wanting to keep as much of her information a secret as possible. "I'm a rat who's lived on the streets, stealing from people for years just to get by." She shrugged as she kept quiet.

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