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Forums > Help > Dumb Question: Is Gore Adult Content?

I was wondering if there was an adult only section for art (probably is) and if gore and blood would fall under this.

I'm not really into seeing sexual content myself, but do love drawing gore. As a young teen I even did Goretober, and honestly, I wouldn't think it really qualify it as something too horrendous. Besides, there's different levels to this.

Guro (I believe) is gore, but pastel colors, or make them look like fruits? Implied gore, like, a chocolate person melting or having chunks reveal cream doesn't seem all that bad, and I would think, so long as I post [Guro] in the topic title I could post it in the usual art place. Though I don't know the limitations to this.

Sorry, it's probably a pretty dumb question, but I want to avoid any rule breaking.

Heres a link to the site policy on gore:

In other words...I guess just be smart about it?

Id use collaspe tabs and warn about it personally. Heres a link to bb code:

To my knowlege there is an AO forum for requesting rp but not for art.

Guro sounds very intresting! I like the idea of that. Maybe you could have two separate versions of the art? (That's prolly a lotta work but its an idea lol)

Hope I could help!

It depends on just how much gore are we talking? If it's just some blood or minor injuries, then you can probably let it slide; gaping wounds however would definitely qualify as adult content.

Hikari and Katia are both correct!

Depictions of minor injuries, some blood and the like are usually fine. If the blood can be deemed excessive, shows graphic injuries, strongly implies self-harm or can otherwise be upsetting to other people, your best bet is to keep it hidden behind a violence warning. If you're unsure, it's safest to keep it behind a tag so that people can opt in to see it, and you're always welcome to message the moderators and get their input as well. :) It can be challenging to determine if something is too much based on written descriptions alone, so any examples when you're inquiring would be helpful.

I'm currently unaware of any plans for an art forum that will accommodate artwork that would require a tag, though!

It's not a dumb question at all! Sanne, Hikari, and Katia pretty much have everything covered. But to expand further: guro is actually gore with sexual or erotic content involved. What you're describing with gore being drawn with pastel colors or chocolate and/or cream falls under "pastel gore" and "candy gore" respectively. While I don't see candy gore or pastel gore being too bad depending on how it's drawn, guro definitely falls under adult content.

Unfortunately, we don't have an adult only forum that's used for art. What I can suggest is either making a general art thread and hiding your more gory works under a bunch of collapse tags with warnings included, or creating a profile or group for your artwork, marking it with the appropriate content tags, and using that as a gallery of sorts; the text box widget (or threads if you're using a group) can being used for pictures. You can then post a link to said gallery in the general art forum with a warning written on top so people know what to look out for.

I'm not quite sure if the latter option's allowed, but I do know that other people have used character profiles for different purposes. I don't see why a gallery would be out of the question.

Alright, thanks.

Also oof, about the guro thing. I've always seen pastel gore on DeviantArt referred to as guro, so- shrug.

Nice to know before I did something dumb then.

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Forums > Help > Dumb Question: Is Gore Adult Content?