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Forums > Help > Templating help: Can't find Epic templates

I just added the Epic membership to my account and I'd like to update my character templates. But I can't find the Epic or user-submitted templates! I can find the custom CSS areas but on the templating page I'm not getting anything beyond that in the Categories.

Am I missing a beat?

Thank you in advance! :3

User-made templates are listed in the same template selection pages as official ones (when you have an epic membership, which you have confirmed). They appear at the end by default.

If you can't find any that say they were made by a specific user, you might need to send in a bug report!

There we go! Odd that I wasn't able to see them previously. Maybe it was how I was ordering them? I also cleared my cache as a precaution. Nevertheless, that helped so thank you!

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Forums > Help > Templating help: Can't find Epic templates