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Dragon Ball: The New verse!

Hello! We are seeking Members we are growing fast & Daily also the Role Play has already started but we want more players to come have fun we offer Character Creation, In-Depth Story that is created by ALL OF US by our Characters the Story is made by the Action/Choices we all make.

Members: 5+

Ages: 16+

Romance is allowed.

[We are also looking for Players who wont go Inactive we want Story based Rp so this is gonna be a good & decent length of RP so expect the Rp to last Months. We are Story Driven! ^-^]

In Dragon Ball: TNV we strive to make it fun, Open world, A real OPEN WORLD RPG Through Text & we offer so much more! We are a Server designed to remain small but also to Grow fairly big interested?

Discord: Pure Charlie#7633

Send a Friend request on Discord & come check us out & make sure your 100% Interested by Reading OOC/RP Rules if you are we will continue on from there! All are welcome join now while you can! [Certain Races get locked at a Certain Number.]

Moderators: MadRatBird, Keke, Libertine, Cass, Auberon, Copper_Dragon, Sanne, Dragonfire, Darth_Angelus

Forums > General Roleplay Forum > Dragon Ball: The New Verse