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Sliver woke up at 12:29 at night and put on a tracksuit.There was a Racer meet near the Brooklyn Bridge,and he was going.He went into the garage and took out his R34.The engine revved to life as he went down the Highway,going up to 5th gear.Once he reached to the Brooklyn Bridge,he went under a tunnel and saw the amount of cars.He pulled into a parking spot,and turned off the car.He saw a few races,before meeting someone.They said that he needed a Crew,a crew with different specs.They then said go to Las Vegas,and that her boss will be waiting.

Sean woke up at about 5am. He tossed on a plain red T-shirt and blue-jeans, he then started to plan an escape route in case the local law enforcement shows up to the meet. He sits there and marks all the alleyways and back roads that he could use to get out of the area. Once he finished he grabbed the keys to his 1965 mustang raid car, so he could block off the roads, and keep an eye on police chatter.

Clyde was racing around the ground, before outrunning cops for fun. The whole city was a joke, ran by a douchebag who treated the citizens like crap. He parked in an empty parking lot to look around, opening up the breakfast burrito he purchased to eat it while he checked for other cars

The Racer meet actually lasted longer than he expected.But he saw a raid mustang.Mustangs are normally street specs,so to see one as a Raid,He thought whoever made it work was a genius.When he stopped and parked,and walked up to the mustang,to admire the work,but decided to leave him.

Clyde forgot about the race meeting, driving to where he needed to be

Tenshi had a tank top on herself, also a pair of shorts and she loved to drive around the city with crazy speed. She ran a bit and she saw someone driving, then she looked around to find her car, she spun her keys in her finger. She had a good car and it was a sky blue color, she unlocked the car and she started it up, then she drove around with crazy speed, she stopped near Silver. She stopped the car and she parked it in the road, she rolled down her window, looking at him with her crystal blue eyes, "Heya there" she said to him as she waved her hand at him, then she got out of the car, so that she can walk over to him. Before she stopped to meet Silver, she saw a car in the empty parking lot when she drove pretty fast, almost about 80 miles per hour.

((Hey, did you even ask to join?))

Clyde was making his way to the meeting, he was almost there

((Trying to lol, I'm friends with him and I messaged the person who started the rp))

She sat on top of her car, waiting to see if there was more people coming.

((I know him, just go to the OOC and I can get you set up))

((Found it))

((Fixed my starting line lol))

Sliver would walk around,looking at the different specs.Street,dirt,Raid,Perf.They all had their perks.He went back to his car,opening the door and closing it,and put the hood that was on the sweater.He really never slept well,so he decide o get some sleep now.

Tenshi quickly got back in her car and started it back up, then she drew somewhere quiet, so that she can get some sleep for tomorrow.

Sean slowly pulled away and kept his ears on the scaner just to keep everyone out of custody.

She did drive really fast, just so that people wouldn't know where she was going at and she needed some sleep before meeting the crew the next day.

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