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The Beginning

A waking gasp in the dark. A blue shimmer of smoke flashed. She wakes to a new presence and the another. Has it been that long? Was it time? This place is hungry as ever. She won't let it this time. She too has been sleeping, getting back energy and she will more of this.

"What in the blazes...?"

A female voice twanged with southern mumbled out. Brown locks fell over confused red-brown eyes. She closed her eyes for a moment then lifted her head. Her face was scrunched up and dirtied. This was not the desert. Instead, jungle loomed before her. Tall trees with mist swirling around them. Strange plants bigger than her dotted the area. It was a eerie quite with only the sound of he native wildlife.

The stranger noticed something missing on her head. She got up on her knees and spotted it, the hat, a prized possession to her. Standing up she bent down and dusted it off.

"At least your here..." She settled it on her head and looked around. Behind her she spotted another figuring lying in the dirt. She jogged over to them.

"Hey, hey you still livin'?"

Nightmare woke up with a start. He couldn't remember much except that he got his butt handed to him. "What in the devil? Where am I?" He got up and began to look for his friends.

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Forums > Fantasy Roleplay Forum > Wysper (CLOSED RP)