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Tontella (played by FlowerCup)

The Beginning

A waking gasp in the dark. A blue shimmer of smoke flashed. She wakes to a new presence and the another. Has it been that long? Was it time? This place is hungry as ever. She won't let it this time. She too has been sleeping, getting back energy and she will more of this.

"What in the blazes...?"

A female voice twanged with southern mumbled out. Brown locks fell over confused red-brown eyes. She closed her eyes for a moment then lifted her head. Her face was scrunched up and dirtied. This was not the desert. Instead, jungle loomed before her. Tall trees with mist swirling around them. Strange plants bigger than her dotted the area. It was a eerie quite with only the sound of he native wildlife.

The stranger noticed something missing on her head. She got up on her knees and spotted it, the hat, a prized possession to her. Standing up she bent down and dusted it off.

"At least your here..." She settled it on her head and looked around. Behind her she spotted another figuring lying in the dirt. She jogged over to them.

"Hey, hey you still livin'?"
Nightmare woke up with a start. He couldn't remember much except that he got his butt handed to him. "What in the devil? Where am I?" He got up and began to look for his friends.
Tontella (played by FlowerCup)

She watched as the man got up from the dirt so quickly it seemed like he didn't notice her. Tontella quickly lifted her self from the dirt brushing off her sleeves. Her eyes caught a gimps of a black ring on her right wrist. She pulled the red sleeve back revealing 5 black rings painted on her skin like a tattoo. The last one settled far on her forearm was her extravagant than the others.

"What in the sam hill is this?" Her brows furrowed in confusion. Suddenly she remember the only person, a stranger she had the luck to make contact with in this strange world was getting farther from her.

She called to him "Hey! Wait just a minute now! " She caught up to him jogging in front of him to get his attention.

"Whoa there guy. Are you alright? " She said calmly. Tontella wasn't sure if he was n the right mind right now so she refrained from touching him. She held up both her arms . The red sleeve still pulled back showing the rings.

"Just so you know, i am a friend. " She looked around in the eerie green around them blanketed in mist. "Right now in these parts i think a friend is what you outta have." I dealt with some mojo in my time and this place reeks of it."

Her spine got that funny tingle it gets when something is surly not alright. Not one bit of ok.
Nightmare stopped and looked her over. She seemed to be a strong warrior type. He might need one if he were to try and find his friends safely.
Tontella (played by FlowerCup)

Though still tense she eased up her posture a bit.

"I don't reckon you know where we are?" she waved a hand around gesturing to the gloomy jungle "I don't know about you but i really don't remember how i got here." Her eyes darted around, she thought she saw movement in the corner of her eye.

"Hm, sorry let me introduce myself-" Tontella outstretched her hand for a shake " The names Tontella. Nice to meet you."
Nightmare smiled and shook her hand. "Nightmare's my name. And you'd be right, I have no idea where I am."
Tontella (played by FlowerCup)

"Nightmare huh? Whadda name." Tontella exhaled and put her hands on her hips. "Somethin' brought us here I don't believe for a second we just...poofed up in this rotten place."

"Im afraid you are correct." Mist started to roll in low on their feet. The wind blew cold enough to make spines shiver and it noticeably got dark

"What in the blazes!?" Spooked, Tontella turned around with her hand at her side patting for her gun...but it was not there. She looked down at her side seeing and empty holster where her gun used to be.

"My gun! Where?" She checked her inside jacket pockets for her throwing knives. But nothing.

"I'm sorry but you won't find any of your weapons here or be able to use any abilities you may have."

Blue glowing mist appeared and swirled around in the air before coming together above Nightmare and Tontella. The mist formed a woman 10x their size. She gazed at them with eyes filled with pity.
"Well, whattaya know? Giant woman. And no weapons or abilities." He felt his tail qhip around though. "I'm guessing that the tail is staying though."

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