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Remember to Enter the Meme Raffle!

Posted by Kim on May 6, 2022, 9:00am

This is the last weekend to enter the Meme Raffle! Just a friendly reminder not to miss out. :D
It's super easy to enter, you just have to post a (PG-13ish, appropriate) meme/gif in this forum topic. The meme/gif should relate to RPing in some way; you can add a sentence or two to give context to your pick. Only one entry per person.

Get all your entries in by May 8th.

Plus, these three contests are still going on for a little while longer.


Cooking Contest

What's a birthday without a special meal and a cake? Treat the RPR to a special something for its birthday! In this contest, you must bake or cook something. Post pictures or the recipe -- bonus points for both! Click here for complete rules! ENTRY DEADLINE: May 15th 2022


Short Story Contest

The luck of a die roll will assign you a theme or topic, and then you'll write a short story to explore it. Click here for complete rules! ENTRY DEADLINE: May 22nd 2022


Genre Mascot Art Contest

Possibly second only to epic week itself, this is one of the most anticipated events of the entire year! Artists select a genre of RP such as fantasy, sci-fi, or horror, and attempt to design an original character mascot that embodies the essence of that genre. The winners adorn our homepage all year long! Click here for the Genre Mascot Art Contest rules. ENTRY DEADLINE: May 29th 2022



May 6, 2022

Yup, that isn't the kind of contest it is :) It's just a raffle that's meant to be as easy as possible for folks to enter and have a chance in :)


May 6, 2022

@MangoNekros: I think this is what the little word "raffle" means: That it's not a contest for who got the best content, but everyone has a chance to win as long as they contribute. I understand that you might want an actual contest where everyone makes their own meme - and also I really appreciate that you did one by yourself :D - but I guess this might even maybe be related to this one being an "easier" way to win, mostly easier for the website staff because it takes many people and long time to form a jury to actually "rate" the content. Because there are some other contest going on as well ^_^ But I really like your meme! Keep up the nice work :D


May 6, 2022

If only it was based on the meme rather then RNG and namepicking because I think I was one of few people who actually hand crafted my meme