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Kim Site Admin

To enter:
  • Post a (PG-13ish, appropriate) meme/gif in this topic. The meme/gif should relate to RPing in some way; you can add a sentence or two to give context to your pick.
  • Users only, no posts by characters will be counted
  • One entry per person.
  • Once the deadline has passed, I will compile a numbered list of everyone who entered. I will roll an appropriately sized die in order to determine who gets what prize. Only one prize will be awarded per person, even if your number is rolled multiple times.

Get all your entries in by May 8th.

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Not very good at memes. But wanted to shoot something out there. Not sure how to put the image in here...
It's going to have to be this one. I hope it may cause for you to laugh like it did for me because it's very relatable.

One day I will share my lore with everyone. Today is not that day...tomorrow isn't looking good either xD


(I hope this is still relevant enough!)
MercyInReach wrote:

fantasy characters with 45,000 word long backstories covering the entire history of the earth dating back to the day the very first gas and dust particles stuck together be like

edit: i think i accidentally just made a meme about the final fantasy setting's history


alternatively: when someone asks you how you come up with so many settings and stories on the fly


When I have like, two seconds of downtime... xD


For the Visually Impaired
"RUN AWAY" is in all caps in a haphazard line. Below that is King Arthur and four knights from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"; they're dressed in pseudo-medieval armor.

They're screaming and running in terror from a monster of some kind; all we see is an oversized, dinosaur-like mouth capable of fitting most of the group inside it. The mouth is open, revealilng sharp teeth and a flailing tongue.

From left to right, Arthur is in bright, golden armor; his tabard is plain white with a large cross on it. If he has a shield it isn't seen. The other knights wear regular, steel-colored armor. Sir Lancelot wears a tabard and carries a matching shield, both half black on his right, white on his left. A sprawling tree without leaves is in the center of each. Sir Bedevere's tabard is bisected on the diagonal; deep blue on his upper left, white on his lower-right, with a sprawling tree in the center. If he has a shield it isn't seen. Sir Galahad's tabard is plain white with a large cross. His tabard front can't be seen. Sir Robin is directly behind Galahad, so his tabard and whether he has a shield can't be seen.

Arthur is screaming "JESUS CHRIST!!" Lancelot is screaming "MY IDIOM!!" Bedevere is screaming, "A WITCH!!" Galahad is screaming, "AAAAAAAAAARGH" Robin is screaming, "I DID IT AGAIN!"

Below that image is text. In all caps, "THINGS MR. WELCH CAN NO LONGER DO DURING AN RPG" Below that, in regular text, "6. Synchronized panicking is not a proper battle plan."
Cass Moderator


Sadly, this is my personal most relatable role-playing meme right now XD
I am absolutely guilty of this
I hope it still counts.


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